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Hike on the Liyushan Trail to Encounter the Natural Wild

Hike on the Liyushan Trail to Encounter the Natural Wild 1
  • Address:Southeast of Liyu Lake, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
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    Shoufeng Township

Hike on the Liyushan Trail to Encounter the Natural Wild 1

Lush green forests surround it. The renovated Liyushan Trail is paved by stone or wooden steps on various slopes with different lengths. Some are good for strolling in the woods, and some are on the steep slopes leading to the mountain top. Hikers can plan their routes according to their physical condition within the time available.

Stroll along the easy route in the forest to breathe the natural aroma and enjoy the pleasing bird sounds in the morning. The shimmering Liyutan is visible along the trail through the trees. The clouds are over the mountain in the afternoon; it’s a cooling atmosphere with the breeze blowing. People can enjoy the worry-free moment. At the altitude of 601 meters, the summit of the Liyushan (mountain) is near the intersection of the hiking trail and the bird-watching route. Liyushan is one of Taiwan’s One Hundred Mountains; it has a triangulation station of the third order. At the summit, there is a great panoramic view from the observatory platform. You can see the farmlands and houses in the valley, overlapping ridgelines, and the vast Pacific Ocean.

Hike on the Liyushan Trail to Encounter the Natural Wild 2

A Conversation with the Nature

Liyushan (mountain) has a deciduous forest of low elevation and a plantation forest, where the wide variety of underlying layers of vegetation is the habitat of small animals. Tall, elegant fern trees, beautiful symmetrical compound leaves, and vines around the tree trunks make the hiking journey more attractive. Mountains surround the Liyushan (mountain); it features a tranquil and primitive environment. The trail is a paradise of birds, such as Muller’s Barbets, Black-naped Monarch, Dusky Fulvetta, Gray-cheeked Fulvetta, Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, and Red-headed Tree Babbler. Those tiny birds are flying everywhere throughout the forest. During the sunny days, the raptors, including Crested Serpent-eagles and Accipiter trivirgatus, are visible when they are soaring up with their wings open wide in the current.

Hike on the Liyushan Trail to Encounter the Natural Wild 3The area around the Liyutan and mountains with sufficient moisture is excellent for fireflies’ habitation; various fireflies are visible and emit light at night in all seasons. Meanwhile, there are a lot of species of frogs, butterflies, lizards, and snakes. Sometimes, groups of monkeys are strolling on the trail. Please stay calm when seeing snakes or monkeys. Please don’t panic; visitors can go past them without disturbing these wild animals. The trail is the best route to respect the natural ecosystem and a new experience of encountering wild animals.