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Beikou Marking Area

Beikou Marking Area 1
  • Address:No. 32 , East Coast Highway, Shoufeng, Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8671326
  • Open Time:00:00-24:00
  • Sightseeing
    Seaside Destinations

Beikou Marking AreaThe Beikou landmark area can also be said to be the Eastern National Scenic Area. On the way from Hualien City to the Coastal Highway, cross the Hualien Bridge, the main road linking the east coast and the Rift Valley, and then turn left. After walking straight for a short distance, you will see a conspicuous sign. One is east. Coastal National Scenic Area, the other is the English version of the logo. The Beikou sign area is a symbolic landmark. It is a small open space that can provide temporary parking for tourists. It is a good place for cyclists and motorcyclists to rest. Taking the opportunity to take a break, you can take pictures of this iconic scenic spot. , And took a photo with the Chinese and English version of the Eastern National Scenic Area to leave a record of passing by here. North Exit Sign Area, this place symbolizes the entrance to the beautiful coastline. After passing this sign area and passing a bend, you will be greeted by the most beautiful coastline and coastal road in the east.