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48 Heights Observatory

48 Heights Observatory 1
  • Address:County Rd 193, Cross section of Hai'an Rd. and Huadong Rd., Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8230751
  • Open Time:00:00-24:00
  • Sightseeing
    Seaside Destinations

Scenary of 48 Height Lookout48 Heights is so called Chilaibi or Meilunbi. It is located in the highland of Qixingtan coast. Looking at the unique coastline of Huadong from the high ground with a wide view is refreshing. Although the 48 Heights have the best view, due to the relatively unstable geology, the seaside area is prone to collapse. Therefore, the 48 Heights Observatory is set up to not only have a good view, but also ensure the safety for visitors while viewing the scenery. 

Near by the Observatory, there is a Combat Preparation Tunnel deck which has recently been refurbished and is open for visitors. The 48 Heights Combat Preparation Tunnel is hidden underground. It is used in the old time to have the function of being a commanding height to monitor the enemy from sea. It is currently designed to allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Under the restrictions of the number of visitors , guided tours need to be booked in advance.