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Chongde Gravel Beach

Chongde Gravel Beach 1
  • Address:Xiulin, Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8227171
  • Open Time:08:00-17:00
  • Sightseeing
    Seaside Destinations

Stacking stone art on Chongde beach 1Chongde gravel beach is a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the sunrise in the morning, stroll in the evening, and star-gazing at night. Chongde gravel beach is a place of fishing ground of set net with a lot of mambo fish. The entrance to Chongde gravel beach is a bit mysterious. It is hidden in a small settlement called Chongde in Xiulin, Hualien. From the entrance path at 178.2km south on Highway 9 and then through the culvert under the railway bridge, you can reach the gravel beach along with azure Pacific Ocean.

Travelers who like thrills can challenge the canoe. Starting from the Chongde gravel beach, sailing in the Pacific Ocean, admiring the sky and the Pacific Ocean merged into one and majestic mountains along the way. When it gets hot, swim in the sea and float on the Pacific Ocean. In addition to canoeing, riding an all-terrain vehicle on the beach is enjoyable. Travelers who don't want to do water activities can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains, the greenery and the infinite ocean view of the Pacific Ocean at the Chongde gravel beach.

Looking at the endless sea level can always calm people down. You can embrace the Suhua Highway and the beach at the Chongde gravel beach歐Also from here, the Qingshui cliffs can also be unobstructed.