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Morisaka Mountain Forestry Park

Morisaka Mountain Forestry Park 1
  • Address:No. 99, Lane 99, Linsen Road, Senrongli, Fenglin Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8751703
  • Fenglin Township
    Beauty of Flowers

Morisaka Mountain Forestry ParkOnce entering the Morisaka (Lintianshan) Mountain Forestry Park, you’re surrounded by the old-time lumber yard with a masculine atmosphere created by rail tracks and equipment. Those well-preserved, wooden Japanese-style buildings in the mountain show a nostalgic scene that depicts the beauty of the forest.Morisaka Mountain Forestry ParkThe Zhongshan Hall, situated at the center of the site, used to be a cozy place where workers of the lumber yard get relaxed. At present, two old Japanese movie projectors are on display; there used to be two or three movies shown at Zhongshan Hall every week. Back then, whenever the pink notice was posted on the bulletin board, the Zhongshan Hall would surely be packed with crowds of people who took watching a movie as a major activity in the forestry station.Morisaka Mountain Forestry Park

With the joint efforts of the government and experts working in the field of culture and history, Morisaka (Lintianshan) Mountain Forestry Park has been able to preserve its ample cultural resources. Not only have the quaint wooden buildings, railway, and large equipment been preserved, but a forestry exhibition hall has also been established, which serves to keep a record of the past.

Transportation Guide

●By public transportation:

Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (Rift Valley Hualien Line) No. 33 (low-floor bus) and get off at Morisaka Mountain Forestry Park 

●By driving to the destination.

Address: No. 20, Linsen Road, Senrong Village, Fenglin Township, Hualien County (Make a turn into Man Mei Pork Knuckle Diner on the west side of Provincial Highway No. 9 at 244 k).