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Flamegold Rain Tree at Jian River

Flamegold Rain Tree at Jian River 1
  • Address:Chang'an Street and De'an Sixth Street, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
  • Open Time:Open all day
  • Popular Photo Spot
    Ji’an Township
    Beauty of Flowers

If you wish to admire the changing appearance of different seasons, there is no need to travel far from downtown Hualien! With a gentle gradient and a length of roughly 2.85km, the maple forest trail in Jian Township is decorated in maple red every fall, where visitors can take in the magnificent views of Jian Township and Hualien City from the six gazebos along the way. Remember to take some photos of the stunning daytime and nighttime sceneries.

The Flamegold Rain Tree next to Jian River also announces the arrival of autumn by transforming from the vibrant, vivacious colors of spring and summer to autumn red. Take a stroll by the river to appreciate the scarlet, maroon, yellow, and green colored leaves as you listen to the trickling stream, turning walking into the most enjoyable experience.