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Meilun Mountain Park

Meilun Mountain Park 1
  • Address:No. 25-2, Shangzhi Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8227171
  • Hualien City
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Meilun Mountain Park is a sports and recreation complex. It is a site for residents and tourists enjoy natural landscapes, greenish mountain; also, it’s a public space for sports.Meilun Mountain ParkThus, Meilun Mountain makes Hualien City a city that breathes. You can rest on the large pasture, climb the mountain via the winding trail, or enjoy the beautiful sea views.Meilun Mountain Park

Meilun Mountain has a subtropical forest ecosystem with abundant rain and a mild climate. It has low-density development.

The Martyrs’ Shrine to the south of the Park occupies a high position where you can overlook Hualien City. The Meilun Shan Ecological Exhibition Hall displays ecological slides of fireflies, crickets, and butterflies, serving as an outdoor classroom for elementary schools in Hualien. Also, there are many hiking trails in Meilun Mountain.

Meilun Mountain Park

You can see the diverse ecosystem at all times in every season, no matter which path you take.