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Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area

Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area 1
  • Address:65 Linyuan Road, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8641594
  • Sightseeing
    Family Fun
    Shoufeng Township
    Splendid Hualien

Chihnan National Forest Recreation AreaChihnan National Forest Recreation Area used to be a lumber manufacturing distribution center. Upon entering the Area, you will see the historical traces of the logging and lumber manufacturing in the past. In the Area, there is the Forestry Exhibition Hall providing visitors with an introduction to Chihnan’s forestry development throughout its history.Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area 1If you walk towards the forest trail, you will see a variety of industrial logging equipment from the past exhibited along the way, e.g. a locomotive, ropeway for transporting logs, and wood assembly machines. The machinery used for cutting trees and sawing logs in the past is kept intact in the forest with explanation boards beside them. The cabins of the ropeway for transporting logs are especially uncommon.Chihnan National Forest Recreation AreaThe ropeway was one of the most important means of transportation by which the staff members were delivered to the 2,500m-high Mugua Mountain. In addition, at the commanding point of the Area, the Forestry Bureau established a monument to commemorate those predecessors who sacrificed their lives during the forestry development. This monument is also a commanding point in Chihnan, where you can overlook beautiful Liyu Lake surrounded by mountains.Chihnan National Forest Recreation AreaBong Bong Train (currently in static display only)

In the golden era of logging, logs felled in each compartment were cleared and loaded in the cart and transported to the present-day Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area for storage before shipping to other places. Besides an important vehicle for transporting logs, the bong bong train was also a major transport for workers to travel up and down the hill.Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area

Ropeway (transport cages)

As the most economical and practical transportation for the logging industry in earlier times, the passenger compartment as an important vehicle for carrying workers and supplies was full of the prints of history narrating that glorious past in the mountain forest. Currently, only one rope way survives in the park to witness the glory of ropeway in the past.

Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area

Forestry Exhibition Hall

When traveling to the forest recreational area, the “Forestry Exhibition Hall” is the first stop. The information desk provides visitors with related consultation services, and the multimedia system adjusts and broadcasts park information based on the visitor’s needs. The 1st floor provides information about the flora changes at different altitudes, animal and plant ecology, and interactive family game. The 2nd floor presents the different functions of the forest. From the 2nd floor, visitors can also enjoy the view of Liyu Lake from the exhibition hall.

Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area

Logging Equipment Exhibition Hall

The hall was originally the grass-boarding site management center and started operations in 2003 after a refurbishment. In the hall, tools including the trestle, handsaw, double-pointed hoe, axe, and others for logging, dissecting, clearing loading, and transportation used in the compartment at different times are displayed to present Taiwan’s forestry development in different periods. From the old photos, visitors can also explore the forestry development and feel the hardships of loggers in earlier Taiwan.

Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area


The Forestry Bureau has specifically erected a monument to commemorate the sacrifices and contributions of pioneers in Taiwan’s forestry development. The monument is also Chinan’s vintage point where visitors can enjoy a panorama of the mountains around and Liyu Lake.

Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area

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Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area

Visiting Fireflies at Night

Chinan National Forest Recreation Area is a pollution-free environment and rich in abundant humidity; the area is an ideal firefly habitat. The Black-winged Firefly is the most common species in Chinnan. Many visitors come to Chinan for firefly observation.

When spring turns to summer, the vibrant Black-winged Fireflies like lanterns are visible everywhere creating fluorescent green light at night in the Chi Nan Mountain Forest.