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Farglory Ocean Park

Farglory Ocean Park 1
  • Address:No. 189, Fude, Shoufeng , Hualien
  • Contact Number:03-8123123、03-8123199
  • Open Time:09:30-17:00/9:00-17:00
  • Sightseeing
    Family Fun
    Shoufeng Township
    Seaside Destinations
    Splendid Hualien

Entrance of Farglory Ocean ParkFarglory Ocean Park, commonly known as Hualien Ocean Park, is located at the 10-kilometer point on Provincial Highway No.11,  in Fengbin Township Hualien. It includes part of the Yanliao Beach and Coast Range Mountains, covering an area of 51 hectares with the mountains and the sea at its edge, and is about 30 minutes from downtown Hualien. There are eight themed areas in Farglory Ocean Park, which can be roughly divided into Ocean Village, Adventure Island, Ocean Theater, Carnival Street, Pirate Bay, Brighton Coast, Underwater Kingdom, and Crystal Castle. Farglory Ocean Park is the first theme park in Taiwan that combines a marine theme natural landscape park with a five-star leisure hotel. In addition to a variety of rides, the park also features shows with dolphins and sea lions, an underwater world parade, musicals, and a mermaid show, making it the largest of its kind in Eastern Taiwan. Unlike other amusement parks that focus on automatic and artificial rides, Farglory Ocean Park is a resort that combines amusement and education.Farglory Ocean ParkThe wonderful sea lion show, watching adorable sea lions’ interesting performance, jumping up and diving back in the water and interacting and following the host’s clever words.Farglory Ocean Park 3The shows are amusing and will guarantee laughter! Meanwhile, the highlights of the dolphin show are the 360-degree flip out of the water, playing an exciting soccer game, and just any mischievous move would be a surprise to the audience.