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Muko Square

Muko Square 1
  • Address:35-1 Gangbin Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8230243、0978-906-071
  • Open Time:08:00-17:00
  • Hualien City
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Muko Square 1

“Muko Square” is the first to see the sun rising from the Pacific Ocean, and that’s the origin of its name, too. The name also symbolizes good luck and hope for the smooth operation of the business in the future.

Located in Hualien Fishing Port, it’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Whale-watching Wharf, Hualien Fish Market, and Hualien Fisherman’s Association.

The high tower closest to the Pacific Ocean is called Pacific Love Tower; it has a wide view overlooking the scenery of the Pacific Ocean, Coastal Mountain Range, the Port of Hualien, and even the entire Whale-watching Recreational Harbor. Besides this, the spectacular scene of strong waves hitting the concrete breakwater is visible. Muko Square has a thematic focus on “marine culture”; its operation is teamwork with the National Academy of Marine Research, the whale-watching industry, and local staff collaboration to create a Pacific Ocean Art Hallway along the coastline that lasts hundreds of kilometers. The exhibit in the north area is the creation of the artist Chen, Shengwen, who made the art of a more than 10 meter long whale with the waste collected from the mountains, forests, and the beaches by embroidery and weaving techniques. There’s a market for visitors to wander around the craft vendors in the sounds of waves and enjoy the artistic creation of the ocean. The place is a vivid integration of a scenic spot and the characteristics of the ocean.

Muko Square is brightened up with colorful decorations, and the southern European Town looks more brilliant. Take a photo of the fishing port, water reflection, and the small colorful houses for a more captivating memory! Besides 3D wall paintings and the whale watching harbor, the square is the best location to welcome the sunrise and see the first light over the Pacific Ocean. 

On the square, the European-style buildings with a sharp roof are painted in red, yellow, or blue to complement the colorful montage of geometric patterns. The distinctive east–west contrast is a harmonious combination within a leisure setting for people on vacation.

Muko Square

The main building of Muko Square, which is operated by the Hualien Fisherman’s Association, has an authentic architectural style of southern Europe; it makes a good first impression for visitors. Other than the European-style buildings, visitors are welcome to take photos with the unique design of the 3D wall paintings and vivid patterns to record beautiful travel memories.

Transportation guide

●By public transportation

Take Hualien Bus No. 105 (Chihsingtan Line) and get off at Gangkou. 

●By driving to the destination.

Address: No.35-1, Gangbin Road, City, Hualien County