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Maple Forest Trail Offers A View of Hualien

Maple Forest Trail Offers A View of Hualien 1
  • Address:Dashan Bridge, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
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Maple Forest Trail Offers A View of Hualien 1

When you are in Hualien, you enjoy happiness. For instance, it takes less than half an hour to see the ocean; also, it takes less than 30 minutes to get close to the mountain and breathe phytoncides. 

The Maple Forest Trail is a 3-kilometer-long trail in Fuxing Village, Ji’an Township, Hualien County. Various kinds of flowers are on both sides. In spring, beautiful blossoms of azalea, plum trees, peach trees, coral plants, lantana are everywhere. In autumn, walking into the crimson maple forest you can feel an atmosphere in poetry, an unforgettable experience.


Spring Blossom and Autumn Maples, An All-Season Destination


After reaching Fuxing Village, it’s a short driving distance to the entrance of the Maple Forest Trail, where parking is available. There are six observatory platforms along the Maple Forest Trail at an altitude of 300–400 meters. A single trip takes about two hours. It’s effortless to finish the sloping trail accessible by bicycle, motorcycle, or vehicle. Visitors can choose a small section to enjoy hiking. It is a perfect place for families to enjoy hiking. 


On sunny days, visitors at the higher section can overlook Hualien, Meilun Mountain, the Pacific Ocean, the East Rift Valley, and Coastal Mountain Range, even as far as the Qingshui Cliffs and the Qixintan. The view of the blue sky and ocean resembles the dreamlike scenery in the documentary “Beyond Beauty, a 180-degree panoramic view of Hualien under your feet.”


At the entrance, visitors can see the checkboard-like farmlands from the first observatory platform. In the past, Japanese immigrants reclaimed the site, which is called Hualien at present. There were three immigrant settlements in Jiye. The grid road system and the rectangular-shaped farmlands are distinctive landscapes in the area. Meanwhile, the greenish Meilun Mountain acts as the lung of the city, quiet and serene.

Maple Forest Trail Offers A View of Hualien 2

Six Observatory Platforms for Overlooking Beautiful Hualien


Near the second observatory platform is the Xiangshanlu Parking Lot; visitors who arrive by driving can start hiking uphill from here. The third observatory platform has the broadest view and is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Visitors standing there can see Hualien’s coastline and the vast Pacific Ocean without any barrier! Meanwhile, this is the best location to see the night view of Hualien; building lights are very attractive and charming. The urban area with densely packed houses looking like scattered matchboxes creates a false impression of Hualien City in a world of toys. It’s interesting to locate the fried egg scallion pancake shop, identify tall buildings, or watch the port, mountain, and forest movements.

Maple Forest Trail Offers A View of Hualien 3

On the slope near the fourth observatory platform, the ecological plantation of flowering plants is for visitors’ appreciation. Finally, the trail leads to the fifth observatory platform at the hairpin turn; it’s an entirely different view of Hualien. The sixth observatory platform is where the Maple Forest Trail connects to the Baiyun Trail. At the ending point of the Maple Forest Trail, visitors can carry on the journey depending on their physical conditions!


The local people enjoy hiking on the trail, which is also the best place to see the sunrise and explore the stunning secret places. The highest point of the Maple Forest Trail is the perfect place to look down at Hualien. It’s recommended to spend time here on warm, sunny days exploring the beautiful landscapes of Huilan under the blue sky and white clouds!


It is the best place to overlook the beautiful night view of Hualien plain and the north side of the Coast Mountain Range. The curvy mountain trail with maple trees on both sides is also a popular attraction for outdoor recreation.



●By driving to the destination.

Take Provincial Highway No.9, turn to Provincial Highway No.9C until reaching Fuxing Village. Turn right at the traffic light toward “Fuxing Temple” on the foothill; you can find the Xiangshanlu Parking Lot.

Address: Dashan, Fuxing Village, Ji’an Township, Hualien County