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Daquan Alley 82 Story Street

Daquan Alley 82 Story Street 1
  • Address:Lane 82, Section 1, Zhongshan Road, Guangfu Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:0931-265898
  • Sightseeing
    Guangfu Township

Daquan Alley 82 Story Street“Alley 82 Story Street” is the illustration by Ms. Chiu Jinfeng, with her memories of rural village and her own poems written in Taiwanese. Ms. Chiu learned to write by teaching herself calligraphy, and the words on the wall are even in a self-created handwriting font, making it fun for visitors to look at the paintings and guess the letters at the same time.Daquan Alley 82 Story StreetDuring the Japanese era, residents of Daquan used to deliver sugar cane to the neighboring Guangfu Sugar Factory by ox carts, and in its heyday, there were even more than a hundred ox carts, which is why this place was formerly known as “ox-cart village.” The illustrated wall depicts the memories of rural work and life in those days, such as the sugar cane being carried by ox carts, and the people going to the beauty salon to get their hair permed. All the works on the wall are true stories.Daquan Alley 82 Story StreetBesides artwork, you can also see wood carvings interspersed on the walls, depicting the early life of all the ethnic communities in Taiwan. Next time you are in Guangfu, drop by Daquan Alley 82 Story Street to enjoy the rural life of the past and discover the vibrancy and vitality of the countryside.