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Dayuling 1
  • Address:Within Taroko National Park, Xiulin Township
  • Contact Number:03-8621100
  • Sightseeing
    Xiulin Township

DayulingDayuling is at a 2,565-meter elevation, in Fushi Village, Xiulin Township, Hualien, bordering Nantou and Taichung as well.DayulingDayuling is the highest point on the Central Cross-Island Highway. Mountains surround it: Yangtou Mountain to the east, the Hehuan range to the west, Qilai Mountain to the south, and Bilu Mountain to the north. Visitors can observe the steep “Black Qilai,” jagged Pingfeng Mountain, Taroko’s tallest peak Nanhu Mountain, and Shimen.DayulingAfter Provincial Highway 14A connected to the Central Cross-Island Highway, Dayuling became a critical point for traffic to Taroko and Sheipa National Park. Every winter, Dayuling is also a popular spot to enjoy the snowy landscape, in an area of Hehuan only reachable by taxi or walking.