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Yuemeishan Trail, An Experience of the Natural Wild

Yuemeishan Trail, An Experience of the Natural Wild 1
  • Address:Industrial road beside Yuemei Section of Road 193, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
  • Contact Number:03-8527526
  • Trail Tour
    Shoufeng Township

Yuemeishan Trail, An Experience of the Natural Wild 1

The Yuemeishan Trail is rich in animals and plants. Visitors can come here in autumn to observe the Chinese Goshawk (accipiter soloensis) hovering in the air.

Mizhan Village is on the beautiful Hualien County Highway No. 193; it is an important rest area for the cyclists. Also, it’s the entrance of the Yuemeishan Trail. Meanwhile, it’s one of the two national-level trails on the Coast Mountain Range. Yuemeishan in Shoufeng Township is at the juncture of Yuemei Village, Mizhan Village, and Yanliao Village. It has an elevation of only 614 meters, but it’s one of Taiwan’s One Hundred Mountains list. Therefore, this mountain is suitable for intermediate-level hikers as a challenging goal.

Yuemeishan Trail, An Experience of the Natural Wild 2

Overlapped Landscapes from the Rift Valley to the Central Mountain Range

The Yuemeishan Trail has two entrances, the south and the north. The north entrance is near the Hualien Bridge, and the south entrance is at Mizha Village, which is on County Highway No. 193. A distance of 5.1 km is between Mizha Village and the trail entrance by taking Hualien Township Road No. 38 – 1. Therefore, visitors should arrange transportation to reach the Yuemeishan Trail. 

The Forestry Bureau has set up a sign at the entrance. After going across the wooden trestle, visitors are on the route of the trail. The total length of the Yuemei Mountain Trail is 4.8 km. As you walk along the Central Mountain Ridge of the Coastal Mountain Range, you will see the dense, tall trees on both sides of the trail. Although they block your vision to see the path ahead, they provide shade from the sunlight. Thus, visitors won’t feel fatigued when walking on the trail in summer.

Visitors are suggested to enter the trail from the Mizha Village. It’s only about 1 km to reach the platform. The scenery there is stunning. Yuemei Mountain is the watershed of the Hualienxi (river) and the Shuilianxi (river). From the platform, you can see the broad valley cut through by the Hualienxi (river) and the Shoufengxi (river) without any barriers. Also, you can see the Shuilian Village by the Shuilianxi (river). On sunny days, you can distinguish each mountain of the Central Mountain Range. The overlapped mountain scenery is unique and attractive. Visitors can either carry on hiking or return to the village according to personal physical conditions.

Yuemeishan Trail, An Experience of the Natural Wild 3

Treasure of Nature, Flying Butterflies are Visible Everywhere

Yuemei Mountain Trail is an easy trail with mostly flat road conditions and safe steps. However, the trail is covered by fast-growing weeds after rain. Therefore, visitors should pay more attention to their safety. Also, the trail is in a remote area without convenient transportation; that’s why the trail can stay in a primitive condition. Visitors can find a variety of plants, such as Yellow Water Lily. Due to fewer visitors coming to the site, different species of butterflies are found in an impressive number.