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Liyutan Encircling Bike Path

Liyutan Encircling Bike Path 1
  • Address:Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974
  • Cycling Tour
    Shoufeng Township

Liyutan Encircling Bike Path 1

Around the the Liyutan, the landscapes vary greatly. Butterflies and birds are during the daytime, while fireflies and cicada sounds are at night. Besides strolling around the lake, it’s a good experience to explore the site by riding a bicycle. Starting from the Tanbei Parking Lot, you can sense the breeze blowing the calming scent of phytoncide through the forest, and the pleasing scenery of shimmering water on the lake attracts your attention.

Many bikers usually gather at the Tanbei Water Park; they share their cycling experiences of visiting beautiful sites in Hualien with each other. No cyclist should ever miss the park. It’s a fun way to explore the beautiful lake by riding the rental pedal boats. Meanwhile, there’s a food street ideal for visitors to enjoy a delicious seafood meal. After the meal, they can visit the Aquaculture Breeding Institute Hualien, including the exhibition hall of the fishing industry artifacts and the lake ecosystem demonstration area, for getting more information about the development of the fishing industry in Taiwan. Finally, visitors can stroll around the lake or explore the mountain scenery near the Baibaoxi (river) before ending the cycling journey around the the Liyutan.

Liyutan Encircling Bike Path 2

The total length is about 5 kilometers, and it takes 25 to 30 minutes one-way

Road conditions: occasionally up and down slopes, smooth roads

Road width: 2.5m two-way lane