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Shou Fong Leisure Farm Ecology Hall

  • PostDate:2021-10-21

Shou Fong Leisure Farm Ecology Hall

To promote the community’s industries, the Shou Fong leisure farm area was created based on the concept of a leisure farm and its objective of protecting the environment. Its sprawling 8,000 square meters encompass a 2,000-square-meter lotus pond, serene landscapes, food, drink, and game vendors, information and services, and other multi-functional facilities. Shou Fong Township’s Farmer’s Association has arranged various farm-experience tours in the area, accompanied by professionally trained tour guides. The Association’s goal is to provide comprehensive information and services to the tourists visiting the Information Station at the Shou Fong Leisure Farm Ecology Hall, while promoting organic farming. Conveniently inside the Hall are many of the area’s unique agricultural produce for sale, so you’ll be able to buy gifts and souvenirs and get the information you need all at the same place.

ADD:No.78, Yutang, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County


Opening Time:0800—1700