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Shan Wan Shui Yue Hot Spring Resort

  • PostDate:2021-10-21

Shan Wan Shui Yue Hot Spring Resort

Shan Wan Shui Yue Hot Spring Resort, a B&B located in Hualien’s Antong hot spring area, washes away the fatigue of travelers with its warm spring waters and gorgeous mountain views. It took the owner two years to carefully plan the B&B’s Japanese-style scenic rooms, as well as the outdoor scenic pool and infinity pool that are harmoniously immersed in the surrounding greenery. The weak alkaline chloride sulfate spring water from local sources is drawn into the pools. Filled with minerals, the water is clear until prolonged exposure to air, when it then becomes a milky white color. Every room at Shan Wan Shui Yue Hot Spring Resort has a balcony from which guests can admire the lush mountains or the starry night and village lights beyond.

Other than individual scenic balconies, each room is extremely spacious and equipped with luxurious bedding and a cypress wood bathtub. For breakfast, a delicious Chinese buffet is prepared by the B&B’s host, or guests can take a 15-minute drive to Yuli Station and try the traditional Yuli noodles nearby. Nestled in the beautiful valleys of Hualien, Shan Wan Shui Yue Hot Spring Resort takes you far away from bustling cities into the century-old Antong springs, where you’ll find true relaxation of body and soul.

ADD:No.41-8, Wenquan, Yuli Township, Hualien County


Opening Time:08:00~22:00