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Huilan Yam Desserts

  • PostDate:2021-10-21

Huilan Yam Desserts

“Huilan Yam Desserts” is a specialty shop of yam cakes known for its handmade products that preserve the flavors of the ingredients and contain no preservatives. Hualien yam cakes are one of the oldest Taiwanese delicacies, which were regarded as healthful food since early times. In the olden days, the aboriginals would bring yam balls when they were out hunting and fishing. These yam balls are the inspiration of today’s yam cakes. The old masters of “Huilan Yam Desserts” maintain the craftsmanship passed on from the Grandfather, and use only organic yams grown locally. The refined procedure starts from peeling the yams, steaming them until they are well cooked, mashing, stir-frying, cooling, hand-shaping, and finally baking them to perfection.

Add No.145, Zhonghua Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County

Tel: 03 833 8899

Opening hours: 09:00–22:30