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Yuli Town

  • PostDate:2021-11-26

Yuli Town MapLocated in southern Hualien County, in the mid-section of the East Rift Valley, Yuli is a rustic small town where four ethnic groups co-exist in harmony. There are several stories for Pushige, the old name of Hualien; one of them is that the name is derived from the Bunun word that describes the land of billowing sands, while the other explanation is that it is inspired by the Amis word paheko, which translates to ferns. The third alternative is that when the Taiwan Garrison Commander led his troops to Yuli in 1875 (the first year of the Guangxu regime), he was impressed by the pure white jade stones scattered throughout the Xiuguluan River that he named the fort Pushige (pushi is homophonous with jade stone).