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Zhuoxi Township

  • PostDate:2021-11-26

Zhuoxi Township MapZhuoxi Township is situated in southwestern Hualien County, Taiwan, and it is one of the three mountain indigenous villages in the county. With the Tropic of Cancer passing through its territories, Zhuoxi is the 2nd and the 5th largest in Hualien County and Taiwan, respectively. Since it is perched on the Central Mountain Range, more than 95% of the land in the township is located in a mountain country with steep terrain. Numerous rivers are originated from here, and several river valley plains can be found on the east side of the Central Mountain Range, where the climate varies according to the elevation of the terrain. The township residents are mostly Bunun indigenous people, but there are some Atayal, Truku, and Seediq people here as well. The primary economic activity is agriculture.