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Wanrong Township

  • PostDate:2021-11-26

Wanrong Township MapWanrong Township is one of the three mountain indigenous villages in Hualien County (the other two being Xiulin Township and Zhuoxi Township). Located on the Central Mountain Range, Wanrong Township features significant terrain differences with an average elevation of approximately 600m. With the Wanli River, Mataian River, and Guangfu River flowing through its territories, the climate varies depending on the elevation changes. The township residents consist of mainly Truku people with some Bunun Takivatan people and Atayal people who engage primarily in agriculture. There is a natural pond in Minli Upper Village that has been meticulously transformed into the stunning Bihe Pond by the villagers. This is complemented by the nearby paragliding station, offering breathtaking landscapes along the way.