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Ruisui Bicycle Trail

  • Category:Cycling Itinerary
  • PostDate:2021-10-21

14.6 kilometers 1.25 hour, round trip, 

Go to the north side of Ruisiu Train Station facing Minsheng Road → Cross the Eastern Line Railway Grade Crossing → Turn left to Chenggong South Road → Turn right to Wenquan Road → Turn right at the first intersection after crossing the Outer Road of Provincial Highway 9 → Huye Hot Spring → Dairy Production and Marketing Class → Tudigong Temple → Wenquan Road→Zhong Family Tobacco Barn→Ruixiong Hot Spring→Turn left to Zhanglin Tunnel→Turn left to the outer road of the Hongye river embankment→Turn left at the bottom of the road to Wenquan Road→Ruisui Train Station/001/Upload/437/relpic/12370/1862/d341c74d-178c-4f50-9e36-604816acb839.jpg