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Huadong Mountain and Sea Love - Three days and two nights itinerary (self-driving tour)

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travel plan


09:00 Hualien Railway Station→→10:00 Taroko Tourist Center (recommended to stay for 40 minutes)→11:20 Yanzikou (recommended to stay for 40 minutes)→12:00 Buluowan Terrace (recommended to stay for 30 minutes)→lunch (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 15:30 Tianxiang (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 16:00 Changchun Temple (recommended to stay for 30 minutes) → 17:50 Dongdamen Night Market



08:30 Liyu Lake (recommended to stay for 40 minutes) → 09:30 Lichuan Fishing Ground (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 10:40 Yunshanshui Dream Lake (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 11:30 Lunch (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 13 :00 Lintianshan Forestry Cultural Park (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 15:20 Danong Dafu Pingdi Forest Park (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 16:30 Hualien Tourist Sugar Factory (Guangfu Sugar Factory) (recommended to stay for 30 minutes)



08:30 Container House Starbucks (recommended to stay for 40 minutes) → 10:00 Basaki Observatory (recommended to stay for 20 minutes) → 11:00 Xinshe Rice Terraces (recommended to stay for 30 minutes) → 12:00 Lunch (recommended to stay for 1.5 hours) → 14:00 (Jingpu) Tropic of Cancer boundary marker (recommended to stay for 30 minutes) → 15:20 Shitiping (recommended to stay for 1.5 hours) → 17:00 return


Attraction Introduction

[Taroko Visitor Center] The Taroko Visitor Center is the first stop for tourists to learn about Taroko National Park. Among them, the "Human and Nature Pavilion" takes the entire Liwu River basin as the main focus of the space, telling the story of Taroko people The migratory life is the content of the story, describing the historical context intertwined between man and nature.

[Swallow mouth] Swallow mouth trail, along the way, you can enjoy the Taroko Gorge, potholes, springs and the unique Indian El Capitan. This is because when the Liwu River flows through the section of Yanzikou, the bed of the stream is very narrow and deep, which can be called "a line of sky". When the stream passes through, it is squeezed, the speed is accelerated, and the erosion is strengthened. Carving out beautiful and magnificent wonders.

[Buluo Bay Terrace] The Buluo Bay Terrace is a tropical monsoon rainforest ecological environment, circulation hills and river terraces. The Taiguan Office specially planted and cultivated the native Taiwan lily here. Every April, when the wild lily is in full bloom, Swaying in the wind, the elegant fragrance makes people intoxicated.

[Tianxiang] Tianxiang is located in the east section of Zhongheng Highway, about 19 kilometers away from Taroko. Dasha River and Tacijili River converge here to form Wuxi River, which has been eroded and accumulated for many years by the stream water, creating a multi-layered and open river terrace terrain.

[Changchun Temple] The Changchun Temple was built to commemorate the road builders who sacrificed their lives for the construction of the Zhongheng Highway. The monument in the temple is engraved with the names of 225 road builders. The trail extends to the back of the Changchun Temple. The vertical mountain wall is carved out of a "zigzag"-shaped steep stairway. Although it is not difficult to walk, it is a bit hard to walk because of the steep slope. It is called the "ladder to heaven". Go straight up the ladder, first to the Guanyin Cave, then through the Talu Pavilion and the Bell Tower, and you can see it from a distance. The scenery is very beautiful.

[Dongdamen Night Market] is located in the sixth-phase rezoning area of Hualien City. It surrounds the two horizontal and straight night market paths of Sunshine Electric City, including four blocks: Ziqiang Night Market, Fucho Night Market, Aboriginal Street and Provincial Street. Many of the vendors are time-honored brands enjoying high popularity in the Hualien area, attracting many gourmets and loyal customers who report to the night market on time, adding even more popularity to the already lively Dongdamen Night Market.

[Liyu Lake] Liyu Lake is a popular scenic spot where you can take a light boat tour, cycle around the lake or stroll along the waterfront. In the waterfront recreation area in Tanxi, there are various water-friendly activities and facilities, which are suitable for the whole family to relax and enjoy the scenery together; the 5-kilometer-long bicycle lane around the lake allows riders on iron horses to travel by car and enjoy the pleasant lake and mountain scenery .

[Lichuan Fishing Farm] The Lichuan Fishing Farm has a clear and clean spring, and breeds plump and delicious golden clams. In the park, you can also go into the water to experience the fun of "touching clams and washing pants" and feeding the farmed fish. It is a suitable place Attractions for family fun.

[Yunshanshui Dream Lake] Dream Lake covers an area of about 4 hectares. The small fish inside can be seen clearly. It naturally attracts many migratory birds and flocks of birds to come here to forage and settle here. There are many kinds of palm trees around, and according to the season Flowering plants, broad-leaved forests, so the scenery is not the same throughout the year, and each season has a special charm.

【Lintianshan Forestry Cultural Park】Lintianshan used to be the fourth largest forest farm in Taiwan. Why not come to the cafe full of cypress wood to have afternoon tea, recall the happy time when the residents watched movies in Zhongshan Hall, look at the exquisite wood carving art, stroll in the Lintianshan Forestry Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall, and feel the past glory of Lintianshan.

[Da Nong Da Fu Flat Forest Park] is the first flat forest park in Taiwan. It has a rich natural ecology. You can enjoy flowers in spring, fireflies and birds in summer, and maples in autumn and winter. There are different styles throughout the year. There are bicycle lanes in the park, so that people can absorb phytoncide while riding a bicycle, listen to insects and birds, and enjoy forest bathing by bicycle.

[Container House Starbucks] Hualien Container House Starbucks is located next to Nanbin Road. It is the first container house Starbucks in Asia. It is a pure white building stacked like building blocks. It is a unique attraction with the beautiful scenery of Hualien. It is suitable for visiting The best place to take Facebook and IG photos.

[Guangfu Sugar Factory] The Hualien Tourist Sugar Factory was an important sugar factory in the east in the early days. It was transformed into a tourist sugar factory after it was shut down in 1991. In recent years, it has actively operated the park's sightseeing features, combined with guided tours, Japanese-style wooden houses, flavored meals, and sugar factories. Ice products, Taisugar special agricultural products, local specialty commodities, etc., provide tourists with a rich experience of living, eating, traveling and playing.

[Basaki Observatory] The Basaki Observatory is located at 31.5 kilometers from the 11th line of the station. Beautiful and shocking.

[Xinshe Terraced Fields] The Kamalan people who moved here from Yilan in the early days missed the rice in their hometown, so they cultivated rice in the coastal terraces, and today's coastal terraced fields are the landscape. The Pacific Ocean seascape and the romantic rice sea formed by the large rice fields are like a postcard-like visual effect, and people can wander in it.

[Jingpu Tropic of Cancer Landmark] Jingpu Tropic of Cancer landmark is one of the two Tropic of Cancer landmarks in Hualien County. The monument is a lighthouse-shaped, cylindrical sign with the words Tropic of Cancer on it. Every summer solstice, the noon sun shines directly on this place, and there is a long and narrow gap in the middle of the Tropic of Cancer. The scene of a pillar holding up the sky is quite spectacular. Tourists will take pictures here, with one foot standing in the tropics and the other standing in the subtropics , Don't feel a little bit emotionally.

[Shitiping] Shitiping is an excellent place to observe the rich ecology of the intertidal zone, as well as diving and rock fishing. Visitors can observe on the spot along the circular trail in the scenic spot, or climb the 17-meter-high single-sided mountain. You can also have a panoramic view of the geological landscape of Shitiping and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.