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Japanese Healing Coffee Shop Coffee Moon

  • Category:Ex-pat Business Owners
  • PostDate:2022-05-25

"Coffee Moon" is located next to the Household Registration Office of Hualien City. At night, warm yellow light emanates from the windows, exuding the artistic atmosphere of the old Japanese house.

The owner, Mr. Asano, was born in Xinying, Tainan. When he was in middle school, his father entrusted him to a Japanese friend so he could study and work in Japan. One time, while in college, he came back to Taiwan with classmates and fell in love with Hualien. Upon the recommendation of a friend, he settled in Hualien to teach Japanese.

The establishment of "Coffee Moon" originated from Asano's love for drinking coffee, including the habit of sharing a cup of coffee with students when teaching them Japanese. Because the flavor and taste of the coffee he makes are beyond praise, he decided to open a coffee shop as per a friend’s suggestion and bring Japanese-style coffee to the people of Hualien. He also named the little shop “Coffee Moon” after his grandmother, whose Japanese name mean "moon" and whose diligence, gentleness, and attitude has deeply influenced the whole family.

"Coffee Moon" provides a variety of coffee. In his free time, Asano makes desserts such as lemon tarts, brownies and Belgian waffles. One of the drinks served in the shop is named "Adult" and is based on almond liqueur and espresso plus chocolate and white chocolate. With its unique and elegant fragrance, the beverage is very popular among customers.

Vintage objects, such as record players, vinyl records, and old-style cameras, all of which have been collected by Asano, are everywhere in the shop. He said that since the opening of the business, he has received customers from Germany, Turkey, Poland, and Portugal, as well as Japanese photographer Kawashima Birdie and the pitcher coach of Uni-President Lions. Renowned YouTuber Ahan, who studied Japanese with Asano, designed the Coffee Moon logo..

Asano says that Hualien’s Qixingtan Beach is a scene right out of Hawaii, and that Liyu Lake is good for sight-seeing and walking, but he likes "Savannah Creek" the most where the air is fresh, the stream is a bright sapphire blue, and eagles and monkeys can be seen from time to time. He also says that the reason for his stay is Hualien’s beautiful environment and people’s simplicity, and he sincerely hopes that everyone will come to Hualien for a walk and a delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee Moon

Address: 65-2, Fuxing St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 0921-196-059