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【Traveling in the mountains and seas】

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  • PostDate:2023-02-22


[DAY 1]

Taroko-Qingshui Cliff→Shanyue Village-Lunch (when the mountain pig meets the Eiffel Tower)→Buluowan Terrace→Taroko-Yanzikou Trail→Taroko-Eternal Spring Shrine→Return to the hotel in Hualien City→Dongdamen Night Market

Qingshui Cliff

Qingshui Cliff is located on the east side of Qingshui Mountain, stretching 21 kilometers from Suhua Highway Heping to Chongde. Among them, the big cliff in the southeast of Qingshui Mountain is particularly steep, with a 5-kilometer-long cliff facing the sea, which is very spectacular. When driving between the mountain cliffs and the boundless sea, it seems that the clouds are soaring into the sky. There are huge walls on the top, and the vast ocean below. A magnificent poem with people. Here you can also enjoy the sea and sky in the Pacific Ocean, the confrontation between the mountains and the sea, and the stunning multi-layered blue of the coast.



Along the Zhongheng Highway to Yanzikou, the Liwuxi Canyon becomes narrower here. From here, it extends westward to the Cimu Bridge, which is the most popular section of the Liwuxi Canyon. The Yanzikou Trail is from Yanzikou to Jinheng Bridge, and you can enjoy the Taroko Gorge, Hucao, Yongquan, Indian Chief Rock and other landscapes on the way./001/Upload/437/relpic/12370/7997/a6eaa496-154c-4877-98de-17a307b0a6c7.jpg

Changchun Temple

From Taroko to Tianxiang, exit the west exit of Changchun Tunnel of Zhongheng Highway, turn to the old road of Taiba Line, and you can see the Changchun Temple standing on the cliff edge of Liwu Valley, commemorating the opening of Zhongheng Highway Built by those who died in the line of duty, the springs next to the ancestral hall have been flowing for many years to form scattered waterfalls. The Highway Bureau named it "Changchun Waterfall", which has become a landmark with special significance on Zhongheng Highway.



Enjoy the sunrise by canoeing in the Pacific Ocean→Roaming in the ecological park→Lunch→Chief chef’s dinner-three-color noodle experience (Shoufeng Leisure Agriculture Area)→Hand-made red turtle cake (Shoufeng Leisure Agriculture Area)→Listen to frogs telling stories (Shoufeng Feng Leisure Agricultural Area)→Hualien City-Dinner-Yankee Ranch→Chihsingtan Flower Viewing Northeast Dipper→Return to the hotel

Canoe watching the sunrise

In the 17th century, the Portuguese expressed their admiration for Qingshui Cliff "Formosa". Through Hualien Qingshui Cliff Canoe Experience, you can witness the most authentic and shocking scenery of Hualien Qingshui Cliff from the sea. Fun Bar Hualien Qingshui Cliff Canoe Experience provides complete and safe Hualien canoe coaches and canoe equipment. With the four-person Hualien Qingshui Cliff Canoe Experience group threshold, you can easily book without any burden. Taiwan must play X summer limited - Hualien Qingshui cliff canoe experience./001/Upload/437/relpic/12370/7997/ae8411b2-af9c-408b-8ec2-c431b7d9c8cb.jpg

Shoufeng Leisure Agriculture Area

Shoufeng Township is the first township in Hualien County to promote non-toxic agricultural production. Therefore, there are many non-toxic agricultural demonstration households in the area, mainly engaged in the production of fruits and vegetables, and also provide agricultural experience activities, allowing the public to experience the fun of harvesting fruits and vegetables. DIY three-color surface, hen and paparazzi, and listen to the story of the frog./001/Upload/437/relpic/12370/7997/3bed81b1-da4c-4d78-bb4b-e4feac10542f.jpg

yankee ranch

Yankee Ranch is located in the urban area, with convenient transportation. Pine Garden is just across the street. You can walk south to Pacific Park and Dongdaemun Night Market. Go north to Qixingtan Scenic Area. You can taste exclusive special grilled chicken and delicious grilled fish at Yankee Ranch , There are also different meals such as local flavor meals and aboriginal flavor dishes./001/Upload/437/relpic/12370/7997/255a7fb3-c0cb-4c3f-9a66-120d9e3b7d2b.jpg


Enjoy breakfast→go to Hualien Airport→take Uni Air and return to Taipei Songshan Airport→arrive at Taipei Songshan Airport-look forward to seeing you next time