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Dongfon Leisure Agriculture Area—Dancing in Dongfon

  • Category:Two-day itinerary
  • PostDate:2023-02-20


Travel plan

first day

Starbucks (Huilan Store)→Saoba Stone Pillar→Tropic of Cancer→Lunch→Tea Pearl DIY→The Junction of Plates→Dinner→Yuli Accommodation. the

second day

Breakfast→Stone Paste Potted Plant DIY→Stone Paste Mural Guided Tour→Rice Cutting Rice→Fanjia Aiyu Garden: Experience of Washing Aiyu→Mr. Sam’s Cafe→Fugui.

Attraction Introduction

Combining Wuhe Leisure Agriculture Area and Dongfon Leisure Agriculture Area, first go to Wuhe to find tea fun, experience tea pearl DIY, and then go to Dongfon to see the rice field scenery of County Road 193, and experience stone sticker potted plant DIY rich in Yuli Pushi culture. The eco-friendly Aiyu Garden looks for Aiyu, washes Aiyu, and tastes the true flavor of Aiyu.