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Hualien Carnival - Two Days One Night Itinerary

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  • PostDate:2023-02-20

travel plan


08:00 Hualien Railway Station (gathering) → 08:30 Pine Garden (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 09:20 Xiangri Square (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 10:30 Chihsingtan Coast Scenic Area (recommended to stay for 1 hour) →11:20 Qingshui Cliff (recommended to stay for 1 hour)→12:20 Lunch→13:40 Taroko National Park (Taroko Archway, Shakazhen Trail, Yanzikou, Tianxiang, Changchun Temple) →17: 00Dongdaemun Night Market


09:00 Meilun Mountain (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 10:20 Fenglin Trail (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 11:30 Ji’an Keishuin (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 12:30 Lunch (restaurant near Liyu Lake)→ 13:40 Liyu Lake (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 14:50 Yunshanshui Dream Lake (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 16:20 Taiwan Happy Farm (recommended to stay for 1 hour) → 17:30 Return

[Pine Garden] The Pine Garden holds a number of art lectures, exhibitions and other art and cultural activities from time to time, and holds the Pacific Poetry Festival from October to November every year, becoming an important art and cultural center in the eastern region. The Pine Garden is located at the commanding heights, where you can overlook the distance and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is one of the must-see attractions for many tourists in Hualien.

[Xiangri Square] The architectural presentation of Xiangri Square is a strong contrast between the southern European style and the nearby fishing port. The Chinese and Western coastal cultural characteristics blend here, creating brilliant sparks with each other. In addition, there are the Pacific Ocean and the prairie next to it. It is really a rare beauty to set off.

[Qingshui Cliff] The viewing platform next to the entrance of the Chongde Tunnel of Suhua Highway 176.4K is the best viewing spot, looking at the strange rock cliffs of Qingshui Cliff and the sparkling waves on the cliff, facing the nature In a beautiful and dangerous situation, the mind is full of wonder and admiration, and humility and reverence can't help but arise.

[Taroko National Park] Taroko Visitor Center is the first stop for tourists to learn about Taroko National Park. Among them, the "Human and Nature Pavilion" takes the entire Liwu River Basin as the main focus of the space, telling the story of Taroko people The migratory life is the content of the story, describing the historical context intertwined between man and nature.

[Dongdamen Night Market] is located in the sixth-phase rezoning area of Hualien City. It surrounds the two horizontal and straight night market paths of Sunshine Electric City, including four blocks: Ziqiang Night Market, Fucho Night Market, Aboriginal Street and Provincial Street. Many of the vendors are time-honored brands enjoying high popularity in the Hualien area, attracting many gourmets and loyal customers who report to the night market on time, adding even more popularity to the already lively Dongdamen Night Market.

[Qixingtan Coastal Scenic Area] The water of Qixingtan is clean and blue, and the mountains in the distance are majestic and majestic. The mountains and the sea meet here. It is a fascinating Crescent Bay. In addition to the magnificent geographical landscape, the scenic area has scenic trails, seaside Facilities such as pavilions, sun and moon viewing towers, and star appreciation squares allow visitors to wander in the blue sea and blue sky.

[Meilun Mountain] Meilun Mountain is 108 meters high and is a landmark of Hualien City. Chiang Kai-shek Park overlooks Hualien City. There are children's play areas and hiking trails in the park. In addition to the LDT103 old locomotive, there is also a seismograph showroom; Retired here.

[Ji'an Keishuin] formerly known as the Shingon sect Yoshinofu Gyosho, is the most complete Japanese-style temple in Taiwan. After the wooden building has been renovated and rebuilt with humanistic spirit, it exudes a strong Edo style. Fudo Myo and Eighty-eight There are precious cultural relics such as stone Buddha and Baidu stone, and there is an exhibition and sales area, providing dining and yukata experience, so that tourists can truly feel the Zen of Japanese style.

[Fenglin Trail] There are 6 viewing platforms along the Fenglin Trail. The altitude is about 300 to 400 meters. The one-way walking time is about 2 hours. The slope of the trail is gentle and easy to walk. A good place in the suburbs of spring.

[Liyu Lake] Liyu Lake is a popular scenic spot where you can take a light boat tour, cycle around the lake or stroll along the waterfront. In the waterfront recreation area in Tanxi, there are various water-friendly activities and facilities, which are suitable for the whole family to relax and enjoy the scenery together; the 5-kilometer-long bicycle lane around the lake allows riders on iron horses to travel by car and enjoy the pleasant lake and mountain scenery .

[Yunshanshui Dream Lake] Dream Lake covers an area of about 4 hectares. The small fish inside can be seen clearly. It naturally attracts many migratory birds and flocks of birds to come here to forage and settle here. There are many kinds of palm trees around, and according to the season Flowering plants, broad-leaved forests, so the scenery is not the same throughout the year, and each season has a special charm.

[Taiwan Happy Farm] Taikaixin Farm is located in Hualien Guanghua Lohas Park in Ji'an Township, Hualien Line. It covers an area of 45 hectares. The area is full of sunflowers, wild ginger, lotus, lantana and other flowers. Whenever the flower season comes , The scene of colorful flowers gives people a feeling of beauty.