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Sports Lohas Tour

  • Category:Two-day itinerary
  • PostDate:2023-02-20


[first day]

Hualien Railway Station→Taroko National Park (Xiaozuilu Trail or Shakazen Trail)→Lunch (Tianxiang Youth Activity Center or Taroko Shanyue Village to enjoy a special meal)→Land Farming-Fun Fan Paradise→Hualien East Gate International Tourist Night Market

Taroko National Park

The Taroko National Park Management Office and Visitor Center are located on the opposite bank of the Taroko Terrace. The Visitor Center provides tourist interpretation and consulting services, exhibition halls and video appreciation.

Shakazhen Trail

The trail is built along the Shakazeng River. The clear sapphire blue water and beautiful rock folds are the biggest features. It belongs to the low-altitude Nanyan forest belt, which is rich in ecology and can be enjoyed. It is also suitable for ecological observation.

Taste of Land Farming - Fantasia Paradise

Take you through time and space, back to Hualien in the 1950s, feel this nostalgic retro style, come and enjoy Fan Paradise with a group!


[the next day]

Butterfly Appreciation in Yani Ecological Park→Phoenix Forest on Taiwan Line 8→Jiaxing Ice Fruit Room→County Road 193→Qixingtan (Scenic Trail, Star Viewing Square)→Siba Highland→Fugui

Butterfly viewing in Yani Ecological Park

Let more people understand the diversity of Taiwan's native plants, and experience the reputation of Taiwan's Butterfly Kingdom. There is a butterfly seed collection room in the park, so that butterfly larvae can have abundant food, are not threatened by natural enemies, and grow up healthy. It is suitable for you who love nature to visit!

Four Eight Highlands

Admire Chihsingtan from Siba Heights, and you can have a panoramic view of the sea from different angles. It is a must-visit hotspot when visiting Hualien!