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Southern District Sixty Stone Mountain

  • Category:One-day itinerary
  • PostDate:2023-02-18

Fuli Township Farmers Association: Straw Art→Luoshan Waterfall/Mud Volcano→Lunch: Tianmama Fuli Healthy Dining House→Field Kiln Fire→Liusishishishan Bounty Gold Needle→Overnight at Liushishishan B&B or Huaxian Astronomy Explainer B&B "Brick Kiln House" and "Futu B&B" stargazing.

Attraction Introduction

There are stars in the sky in Hualien, enjoy the beautiful starry sky in Hualien; there is gold in the ground in Hualien, enjoy the visual feast of golden rice fields and see daylily flowers all over the mountains and valleys.