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Zhiyagan tribal culture river tracing experience

  • Category:One-day itinerary
  • PostDate:2023-02-18

Taroko Blessing Ceremony→Cultural River Tracing→Tree Hole Table Food (Lunch)→Taroko Weaving Cultural Experience→Tasting Traditional Snacks→Fu Gui

Attraction Introduction:

We plan a 1.7-kilometer river tracing route, with an altitude of about 160-240 meters, and the climbing range is not high. It is suitable for tourists and parents who are new to river tracing. They will explain historical landscapes and mountain forest knowledge along the way, and enjoy water activities. Professional coaches and local guides will show you the beautiful culture of Zhiyagan. The experience is only available during the hot season (May-September). Before the sun goes down, Agai lets tourists know and experience the weaving culture of the Taroko people.