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Family-friendly Environment with Affordable Deliciousness Old Germany Restaurant

  • Category:Ex-pat Business Owners
  • PostDate:2022-05-24

"Old Germany Restaurant," located in Meilun, Hualien, was founded by Jürgen Schwan, a German national. The signature cuisines include German pork knuckles, grilled pork ribs, spaghetti bolognese and Hungarian ragout with pork or beef. The family name Schwan means Swan, so this restaurant is also known as "Mr. Swan's Favorite Cuisines".

In 1998, when Jürgen was studying psychology at the Technical University of Berlin, he met Ms. Xu Chang-Jing who was studying at the Department of Music at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He used to drive a long way taking Xu to see the French Riviera, but found that she was not impressed. He asked curiously and she responded with a smile saying, "The coast of Hualien is more beautiful."

The two got married in Heidelberg after they had known each other for 3 years. Because Jürgen lived in southern Germany, it was very difficult to see the ocean. The couple chose to return to Hualien the next year. Because Jürgen likes to watch the seascape, they often go to Qixingtan Beach to enjoy the scenery and take a walk.

Jürgen loves the sea and cooking. He has been learning from his elders and several superb chefs since he was a teenager, resulting in his acquirement of some pretty good training. At the beginning, he wanted to open a German-style bistro, but later opened a German-style restaurant due to some opportunities. The restaurant is very quaintly furnished, with wooden tables and chairs, a piano at the door, and the couple’s red sports car parked out front. Occasionally the boss will sit alone and drink beer, giving the restaurant an even more home-like ambiance.

Jürgen’s motto is: "Cooking is art, and delicious cuisines can only be achieved with love." His signature cuisine, German pork knuckles, is baked for a few hours on low heat with a special baking process that chars the skin and crisps up the meat. Braised rice, cooked with seven or eight European spices, is another signature cuisine. Jürgen's tastebuds are very sensitive, and his use of spices is unique and complex. His German-style pasta may look simple, but in reality is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience that has yielded a dish that’s rich but still light on the palate.

Old Germany Restaurant

Address: 94, Fuqian Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: (03)822–0878