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Authentic Korean Taste and Ginseng Fragrance All Over Hualien Xiangjeon Ginseng Chicken Soup Korean Cuisine

  • Category:Ex-pat Business Owners
  • PostDate:2022-05-24

The owner of Xiangjeon Ginseng Chicken Soup Korean Cuisine in Hualien City is a Korean. He and his wife, Si-Hua Wang, established this restaurant together, creating cuisines that receive rave reviews, including signature dishes such as ginseng chicken soup, copper plate barbecue, soy sauce crab, and various traditional Korean cuisines.

The couple’s relationship began when Wang Si-Hua from Hualien went to South Korea for sight-seeing and got acquainted with Kao Juan-Min. Wang, who has a cheerful personality, laughed and said that at that time, neither of them even knew each other’s mother tongue, so they used Google translate and LINE stickers to communicate their feelings. They were meant to be with each other from the very beginning, and got married after three or four years together.

When Kao first came to live in Hualien, he was not used to eating Taiwanese food, but could not find his hometown flavor. Therefore, the couple decided to open an authentic “Korean flavor" restaurant. Kao, who is Virgo, is very particular about food. In order to provide authentic Korean cuisines to their customers, he insists on importing ingredients from South Korea, from the seasoning salt, soy sauce, hot sauce, etc., to Korean ginseng. His attitude toward food can be said to be meticulous.

In their leisure time, the couple likes to enjoy the seascape in Yanlian, Hualien, and go barbecuing on holidays. Kao, who is rarely able to see the ocean in South Korea, thinks Hualien’s seascape extremely beautiful. For him, the climate is pleasant, the people are kind, and Hualien is indeed a happy land of "good mountains, good water, and good life."

As Kao focuses on cooking and Wang warmly greets each customer, Xiangjeon Ginseng Chicken Soup Korean Cuisine has become a must-eat restaurant for Taiwanese and Koreans during their visit to Hualien, as well as the top choice for local Korean exchange students and immigrants in search of hometown flavors. As for the signature ginseng chicken soup, the price is affordable and the ingredients are good. Korea-imported ginseng, Chinese medicinal ingredients and fresh Hualien black-boned chicken is slowly cooked, so that the glutinous rice hidden in the black bone chicken absorbs the delicious essence—a simple dish that satisfies people’s stomachs and warms their hearts.

Xiangjeon Ginseng Chicken Soup Korean Cuisine

Address: 333-3, Linsen Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: (03)832–1966