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Simple Life – Philosophy, Simplicity and Natural Deliciousness Summer Too Hot

  • Category:Ex-pat Business Owners
  • PostDate:2022-05-24

On Zhongmei Road on the way to Qixingtan Beach, you can always smell the fragrance of pizza coming from the restaurant "Summer Too Hot". Upon approaching, you will see the restaurant owner, Terry, kneading the dough. The signature dish is the handmade freshly baked vegetarian pizza, including Italian style, pesto, Mexican flavor and cinnamon roll flavor.  You can enjoy hot and freshly baked delicious pizza after just fifteen minutes of waiting.

Terry, from Oklahoma, USA, once worked as a journalist in the United States. He loves freedom by nature. At that time, he wanted to see Asia, so he came to Hualien, Taiwan. This stay has now lasted more than 16 years.

The origin of the restaurant name is hilarious, because it has been named after none other than the boss, Terry Sommers. “Terry” sounds like "too hot", which is fitting because he thinks that Taiwan is really hot in summer. Such a name cannot but make people smile.

As a freedom-loving soul, he loves DIY, and has made everything from the stone and wood ornaments in the restaurant to the pizza oven outside the restaurant, building them one by one with his hands. You may have a chance to see Terry stepping outside on a self-made wheat mill modified from an abandoned bicycle, which makes interesting clicking sounds. He insists on making pizza with whole wheat flour. "Not only is it healthy but also gives the pizza a unique wheat fragrance," he says.

Terry's life is simple, driving the wheat grinder with his feet and picking up wood for the kiln. If something breaks, he repairs it. In his eyes, there is nothing that can’t be repaired. He is indifferent to fame or gain. When he first arrived in Hualien, he found this place very quiet, not crowded, slow-paced, and he was amazed with the sea and mountains he has never seen in his hometown. Terry also likes to ride bicycles. In the morning, he slowly rides to Meilun market to buy ingredients, then he goes to see Qixingtan Beach and the Meilun Mountains. He often goes to the library to read books as well. 

With his pair of strong, sinewy hands, Terry intently kneads the dough, smears homemade pizza sauce, spreads fresh ingredients and cheese, and then uses a homemade baking tray to send it into the oven and wait for it to come out. He insists on hand-made recipes, chooses natural ingredients, and treats everything attentively, just like his attitude toward life – simple, natural, satisfaction with life.

Summer Too Hot

Address: 1, Zhongmei Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (besides the stinky tofu under the banyan tree)

Tel: 0955–886–348