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【Fun Hualien NO.47】Slow traveling and slow dining》From Farm to Table: Local Mountain Cuisine Hualien Green Dining Guide

  • PostDate:2023-12-19

With the emergence of sustainable dining, Taiwan established the “Green Dining Guide (GDG)” in 2018, promoting the “Green Dining Declaration” movement. It calls upon food industry establishments to prioritize food safety and environmental friendliness, urging them to become environmentally conscious restaurants compliant with the Green Dining standards. In this edition of Fun Hualien, we follow the guidance of two foodies to explore the astonishingly delicious offerings of Hualien’s green dining restaurants.


Text, Image/ @tutu_foodaholic, @kuokuo_hualien


Friendly Vegetarian DiningGood Food Station

Opened in 2014, “Good Food Station” has been delighting customers for nearly a decade. Committed to using Tse-Xin certified non-toxic organic vegetables and offering daily freshly cooked, MSG-free, and subtly sweet broths, the establishment prioritizes serving the healthiest dishes to its patrons.


The restaurant specializes in hot pot, offering a selection of eight soup bases. Among them, the spicy hot pot and the red wine infused tomato pot stand out as crowd favorites. The deceptively light-colored spicy hot pot soup base surprises with its heat, delivering a unique blend of mild and spicy flavors. The red wine tomato pot emits a rich savory aroma of red wine as soon as it arrives at the table, making it a top choice for many food enthusiasts. With a delightful hint of wine and the sweet and sour essence of tomatoes, this soup is thoroughly enjoyable. The vegetable platter includes less common hot pot items like garland chrysanthemum and komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), while the freshness and texture of seafood and meat are of excellent quality. Beyond hot pot, Good Food Station also offers Italian pasta, stewed rice, and a variety of vegetarian dishes, catering greatly to patrons seeking both health and delicious flavors.


 INFO|Good Food Station
Address: 03-8336001
Telephone: No. 81, Renai Street, Hualien City
Business hours: 11:15-14:00、17:15-21:00(Closed on Sundays, Mondays)


Local Ingredients, Naturally Pure:Kiss the Land Sourdough Bakery 

Every time the owner of Kiss the Land Sourdough Bakery, Tsai-Chun Hsieh, talks about their homemade wild yeast and handcrafted bread, his eyes light up with enthusiasm, reflecting his unwavering passion and dedication. His impressive drive, fueled by love for his craft and the pursuit of ideals, leaves a lasting impression. Wild yeast differs significantly from the commercially cultivated yeast used in modern large-scale baking techniques. Its uncontrollable nature becomes a defining feature in bread-making, leading to unique flavors and textures in each batch. This variability arises from differences in the baking process, environment, and time, making each loaf distinctly different. Mr. Hsieh finds this unpredictability of wild yeast both challenging and captivating, considering it the most charming aspect of working with it.


One of the popular signature breads at the bakery is the homemade fresh stone-milled organic wheat series, made from locally cultivated organic wheat produced in Taiwan. This type of sourdough bread, apart from its age-old method of preparation, uses only sourdough, wheat flour, salt, and water as its basic ingredients, resulting in the bread’s distinct whole wheat aroma and chewy texture. Both the organic wheat and organic rye series carry a slight tanginess reminiscent of traditional yeast, allowing many long-term Western residents in Hualien to savor the nostalgic taste of their homelands.


INFO|Kiss the Land Sourdough Bakery
Address: No.3, Minquan 6th Street, Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8314800
Business hours: 15:30-19:00(Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)


Great Taste Passed Down Through 3 GenerationsVictory Family / Teahouse & Home Cooking

Victory Family / Teahouse & Home Cooking, nestled in an ordinary low bungalow in Guangfu Township, carries a three-generation cultural heritage from Yunnan, Northern Thailand, to Hualien. Chef Hsin-Cheng Yu’s hometown cuisine upholds the spirit of using and preserving local resources, perfectly retaining the distinctive features of the store from her grandfather’s Yunnan roots.


Yu sources ingredients from places like Fata’an, cultivating dryland chestnut fields, riverbank bean fields, and indigenous family gardens. This commitment to local sourcing earned Victory Family / Teahouse & Home Cooking recognition as the “Best Green Restaurant” and the “Best New Restaurant Award” at the Green Dining Summit. The essence of traditional spices is integral to Yunnan and Thai cuisine’s seasoning, including Sichuan peppercorns, black cardamom, tamarind, fennel seeds, senegalia pennata, and polygonum viscosum. Their signature dish, the Two-Person Dim Sum Platter, offers layers of intense flavors: traditional cured meat towers, spicy savory family meat sauce towers, and a refreshing apple and white pomelo tower on top. Below, there are delicately assembled mini skewers with Yunnan-Thai everyday household favorites such as spiced meatballs, herb-infused sausages, cured meats, and spiced soft-boiled eggs. It’s a medley that lingers, fully embodying the spirit of sharing hometown flavors at the table.


INFO|Victory Family / Teahouse & Home Cooking
Address: No.630, Linsen Road, Guangfu Township, Hualien County
Telephone: 0911-292781
Business hours: 11:00-19:00(Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)


Enjoying Soy Cuisines TogetherDozohuei

Nestled within the LuoshanVisitor Center, Dozohuei is a restaurant launched by the owner, Ah-Bao, upon returning to his mother’s hometown. Ah-Bao has harnessed his years of experience in the food industry with locally sourced ingredients, crafting a distinctive style reflected in the unique presentation of dishes and contemporary music ambiance. Collaborating with the Community Development Association, the corner of the restaurant showcases agricultural products and souvenirs. This quaint establishment, pieced together with various elements, immediately resonates with the thoughtful dedication of the owner upon entering.


Dozohuei primarily features a variety of bean-based products. The Sichuan-style tofu pudding, dipped in soy sauce, Sichuan peppercorn, and pickled beans, offers a tangy and spicy flavor, exceptionally appetizing and defying the common perception of Taiwanese tofu pudding being solely sweet. Another highlight is the tofu residue pancake, incorporating the nutritious residue often discarded after making tofu. Mixed with rice flour and eggs, the resulting pancake is soft yet substantial, rich with the delightful essence of beans. Paired with seasonal fruit jam and vegan tofu cheese, each bite has its distinct charm. Moreover, the store’s array of unique dishes and beverages not commonly found elsewhere astonishes visitors. If you have the chance to pass by Fuli, remember to swing by the Luoshan Visitor Center for some delightful snacks and drinks.


Address: No. 39, Donghu, Fuli Township, Hualien County
Telephone: 0920-923327
Business hours: 10:00-17:00(See FB fan page for monthly closed days)