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【Fun Hualien NO.45】Slow traveling and slow dining》Cool off with ice desserts – revealing dessert shops only locals know

  • PostDate:2023-07-11

With the soaring temperatures of summer, stand a few minutes under the scorching sun and you’ll surely break into a sweat! If you’re looking to go green and avoid air conditioning but still want to cool off, the best solution is to indulge in refreshing icy treats! In this issue, two local foodies are sharing their pocket list recommended ice dessert shops in Hualien, perfect to cool off in on a hot midsummer’s day

Text, Image/ @kuokuo_hualien, tutufoodaholic


Pair your own unique frozen dessertCaozhuangren Bakery

Located next to the bustling Zhongshan Road, Caozhuangren Bakery has been in business for more than 30 years. The nostalgic decor reminds one of traditional bakeries from childhood, offering timeless flavors beloved by the people of Hualien such as pork floss salad bread and creamy cornet bread.  In addition to delicious traditional-style bread, many visitors also love the signature Xiaoxidian pastry from Miaokou Tea Room, which are available at Caozhuangren as well. However, what sets this place apart is the unique and creative macaron ice cream and ice cream puffs, which have become their signature desserts.。


The ice products sold in the store can be matched with Xiaoxidian or puffs. Xiaoxidian, also known as “Taiwanese-style macarons,” are most popular for their irresistible aroma and taste with each bite. The macarons come in 5 flavors: vanilla, strawberry, matcha, coffee, and chocolate, and the filling is made from the most iconic of Taiwanese ice cream brands, Xiaomei Ice Cream, which comes in 6 flavors: vanilla, strawberry, taro, peanut, Swiss chocolate, and mint chocolate. With the multi-layered texture of the puffs, there are as many as 36 different combinations that you can try. Come pick out your own macaroon ice cream in golden proportions at Caozhuangren!


INFO|Caozhuangren Bakery
Address: No.604, Zhongshan Road, Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8577956
Business hours: 11:30-23:00(Closed every Saturday)


Where tradition and innovation from the second generation collideA Gong Bing

Located in a quiet alley off the bustling Zhongzheng Road shopping district, the long-established A Gong Bing ice shop welcomes patrons throughout the hot and humid summer season, where having popsicle at A Gong Bing is a quintessential good taste of nostalgia that every Hualien local cherishes. Previously featured on the popular TV program “Super Taste,” A Gong Bing is a must-try for tourists visiting Hualien. Although the founder A Gong “Grandpa” has since retired, the second-generation owner has maintained the classic good taste of traditional popsicles, but also introduced new options.


If you pine for the taste of frozen desserts from when you were a kid, you can’t go wrong with a unique taste of traditional clear popsicles in Hualien. And if you want to try innovative flavors, don’t miss the special combination of shaved ice and boba milk tea. Additionally, the limited edition rainbow popsicle, stacked with generous portions of kiwi, banana, Irwin mango, mint, and watermelon from top to bottom, is a truly hidden gem of delicious sweetness you can’t miss when you visit Hualien. When you visit Hualien in summer, why not explore the alleyways and have a traditional and innovative popsicle to beat the heat?


INFO|A Gong Bing
Address: No.42, Jieyue Road, Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8320435
Business hours: 11:00-20:30


The cooling taste of authentic flavorsHualien Snow Ice

As one of the most popular frozen dessert shops in Hualien City, whenever the temperature rises, Hualien Snow Ice is usually packed. The origin of the shop can be traced back to when the store owner’s encounter with delightfully tasty snowflake shaved ice dessert in another city. At that time, there were only a few places in Hualien selling snowflake shaved ice, so they decided to bring back the irresistible flavors and introduce it to the people of Hualien.


At Hualien Snow Ice, the snowflake shaved ice bricks are made by the shop using fresh fruit juice, with no artificial flavors added. Each snowflake shaved ice dessert is also adorned with a variety of delicious toppings, creating a visually appealing and Insta-worthy presentation. The snowflake shaved ice is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes, offering a delightful combination of visual and gastronomic pleasure. The signature menu items include “Cool Watermelon with Mini Balls” and “Mango Feast,” which are both season-limited treats that you shouldn’t miss during the summer! The Cool Watermelon Snowflake Shaved Ice is topped with adorable seedless watermelon balls. With one bite, you’ll experience surprisingly refreshing, sweet, and juicy flavors that help beat the summer heat. As for the Mango Feast, generous amounts of fresh mango juice are infused into snowflake shaved ice, accompanied by chunks of fresh mango, marshmallows, and ice cream. The combination of tangy and sweet flavors creates a delightful sensation that many customers can’t resist having bite after bite.


INFO|Hualien Snow Ice
Address: No.203, Linsen Road, Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8333229
Business hours: 11:00-21:00


Japanese hipster-style pure frozen dessertsMood Zen Ice Shop

Regardless of the changing seasons, whether it’s sunny or rainy outside, when you look back, the iconic signboard of Mood Zen Ice Shop always shines prominently on the street, providing a harbor for customers who crave ice cream. This was the original intention behind the name of the shop! After 7 years in business, Mood Zen Ice Shop decided to offer more vegan options. Over the years, as public tastes have gradually evolved, the shop not only sells vegan ice cream made from soy milk but also offer milk-based ice cream made from fresh milk.

The owner recommends several popular flavors in the shop. The vegan soymilk flavor has a rich and creamy soy texture without any bean odor. The Honey Black Tea flavor is made with Hualien’s renowned Wuhe Honey Black Tea, offering a delightful sweetness and an aromatic tea flavor that is not overwhelming. The creamy and rich Matcha Ice Cream can be paired with homemade crispy biscuits for a delightful treat. Naturally, the shop also introduces season- limited flavors. For example, during winter, they offer strawberry ice cream, which has a lovely pink color, a tangy and sweet taste, and chunks of strawberry pulp. In summer, refreshing watermelon and sweet mango flavors are especially recommended. Don’t miss out on Mood Zen Ice Shop if you’re a fan of natural frozen desserts!

INFO|Mood Zen Ice Shop
Address: No.23, Jieyue Road, Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8330603
Business hours: 13:30-21:00(Closed every Wednesday)