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【Fun Hualien NO.43】Slow traveling and slow dining》Seasoned by nature Restaurant of your dreams

  • PostDate:2022-12-26

This issue of “Fun Hualien” invites two foodies to lead you to a unique forest restaurant, where nature is treated as a dining table, making diners feel like walking into a Shangri-la with a great ambience. With the delicious local cuisine, you can delight your taste buds with tasty food and heal your body and mind with Phytoncide. Come enjoy a fairy tale feast this winter in Hualien.


Text, images by / Yoti (Yung-Ting Hsueh), Tutu Foodaholic


Savor Hakka delights in the Forgotten HomelandYue Lu Restaurant

Yue Lu Restaurant is located on the foothills of Fenglin. From the lush greenery of the ethereal garden, look out over the fields of the East Rift Valley. When the weather is good, you can even see the Coastal Mountain Range in the distance. With such a scenery, it is no wonder that it is known as the “Forgotten Homeland.” Take off your shoes and walk into the dining space with tatami mats, wooden tables and chairs, and a large stone wall, and immerse in the strong Japanese atmosphere.


Behind the store is the Central Mountain Range. This place was formerly known as the Phoenix Plum Garden, denoting that the restaurant specialization in plum cuisine and Hakka dishes, with the signature charcoal-grilled plum chicken is available by reservation. After being grilled over a charcoal fire, the chicken takes on a luscious golden color and the meat easily comes off with gloves. Whether it’s the tender chicken thighs or the soft and sweet chicken breasts, dipping them in the sauce adds to their flavor. In addition to the charcoal-grilled chicken with plums, there are also classic dishes not-to-be-missed such as bitter gourd with plum sauce, pork knuckles, salted pork and wild vegetable soup. The beautiful scenery and tasty food makes for a perfect combination, and is finished off with a refreshing cup of hot tea at the end for a lingering enjoyment of the five senses.

INFO|Yue Lu Restaurant
Address: No. 71, Fengming 1st Road, Fenglin Township, Hualien County
Telephone: 03-8762206
Business hours: 11:00-14:30、17:00-20:30(Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Open for lunch on Thursdays)



Luxury picnic in a forest paradiseCreektable

Creektable is an unassuming restaurant along Provincial Highway No. 11 along the east coast, and is managed by a couple who fell in love with Hualien. Different picnic experiences are offered according to the seasons, including a streamside table after walking into a river valley, a summer-only table under the stars, and a “Match Table” in the woods. Dining around the campfire on a winter evening is like coming to a fairy tale forest, offering a truly unique memory.


The “Match Table” is located in a wooded area of Creektable, and offers an idyllic and inviting atmosphere. Drive your car in and you’re immediately greeted by light music. Each group of patrons enjoy exclusive access to their own warm campfire and lounge chairs, and the space is spacious so that guests are not disturbed by each other. From salads and bubbly drinks to kiln-roasted chicken, salt-roasted fish, steak, soups, desserts and fruits, the entire 10 course meal is absolutely satisfying for the taste buds, and you can even make your own pizza as a late night snack. The bonfire dance and sparkler after the meal gives you a warm feeling of being back in school. If you feel like to relax and unwind in your busy life, why not come for dinner to experience a forest picnic without preparing anything?


Address: No. 17, Yanliao, Yanliao Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
Telephone: 0928-903885
Business hours: By telephone reservation only