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【Fun Hualien NO.42】Slow traveling and slow dining》Old house makeover "Aroma" of a brand-new home

  • PostDate:2022-11-30

Hualien was developed relatively early, hence alleys in downtown Hualien are lined with old houses dating back more than five or six decades, making them a popular attraction for travelers visiting Hualien. In this nostalgic journey, follow the footsteps of Kuo Kuo to visit retro military dependents’ villages and old houses that emanate a modern ruins character, as well as savor aromatic classic gourmet delicacies.

Text, picture/Kuo’s Hualien and Taitung Daily Life


Nostalgia of old dormitoriesTsong Chu Yi Piao Wei

Walk into the “Youyitsun Cultural and Creative Park,” which was reconstructed from the half-century-old Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau dormitory, and you will be greeted by a plethora of charming specialty stores that seem to take you down memory lane. In particular, “Tsong Chu Yi Piao Wei” is the iconic noodle delicacy restaurant in the park. 


The middle-aged couple owners returned to their hometown to pursue entrepreneurship. Since catering was not their main business, they slowly developed unique military dependents’ village flavored dishes, with the signature being the 13 fragrances beef noodle soup. The broth gets its incredible richness and depth of flavor from 13 secret spices that are stewed for a long time, and the marbled beef rib fingers ooze the freshness of the meat. If you enjoy spicy food, the owner’s special chili sauce is a highly recommended condiment that will saturate your palate with a burst of spicy aroma without being too hot, creating a scintillating gastronomic experience. The authentic side dish “three beef treasures” consists of beefy tendons, springy beef tripe, and savory beef shank that are garnished with a drizzle of sesame oil and a sprinkle of spring onions to complete the gourmet dining experience.

INFO|Tsong Chu Yi Piao Wei
Address: No. 1, Ln. 104, Ren’ai St., Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8355535
Business hours: 11:00-14:00,17:30-20:30(closed on Wednesday)



Traditional local delicacies and old house revitalizationCheng Kang Noodle Bar

Turn into an alley from Xinyi Street near the Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park, and you will be greeted by a chic, all-white, two-story old house. Looking from the outside, it is difficult to imagine that it was once an abandoned 50-year-old house. Through the ingenious design of several high school classmates who have returned to their hometown to become entrepreneurs, the old house was given a complete makeover, and the combination of nostalgic cement colors and walls with Morandi colors has culminated in a noodle store that emanates the character of modern ruin.


The owners constantly strive to develop new dishes by utilizing local ingredients and creative presentations. Order a bowl of peeled chili pepper chicken noodle soup, the most popular dish in the store is prepared by stewing chicken bones with several vegetables. Containing Jinpin peeled chili pepper from Fenglin, the soup’s richness and spicy aroma tease your palate with every sip. Another traditional dish, wonton, is not only the signature dish of the restaurant but also a firm favorite among gourmands. Prepared with fresh pork from the market every day, the ground pork is blended with peeled chili pepper to enhance its flavor and a drizzle of the special sauce is added to accentuate its nuanced texture. The chayote vine garnished with sesame sauce is one of the three treasures of Jian and a dish not to be missed. Retro vibes and innovative elements converge in the half-century-old house known as Cheng Kang Noodle Bar, where classic gourmet dishes await you.


INFO|Cheng Kang Noodle Bar
Address: No. 2, Ln. 99, Xinyi St., Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8310552
Business hours: 11:30-14:30,17:00-20:00(closed on Thursday)