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【Fun Hualien NO.42】Slow traveling and slow dining》Autumn gastronomy Delectable flavors of slow food

  • PostDate:2022-11-30

It is time for autumn harvest, and Hualien’s mountains and seas offer a bounty of specialty indigenous delicacies. At the foot of the Maxian Mountain in Guangfu and by the Shitiping seaside in Fengbin, villagers have incorporated seasonal ingredients into their cuisine to present the “Slow and Boutique” slow food culture. Now, follow Yoti’s guide to various slow food spots to savor the autumn indigenous gastronomy.


Text and picture/Yoti Hsueh (Hsueh Yung-Ting)


Amis wild vegetable harvest cultureCifadahan Traditional Amis Restaurant

When visiting Mataian Village, one of the two major Amis villages, you should definitely try the local traditional tribal cuisine. Cifadahan Traditional Amis Restaurant offers stone hot pots using preheated serpentine to cook fish. Capitalizing on the durable characteristics of serpentine and applying it to their culinary process demonstrates the wisdom of the indigenous forefathers. What’s more, the restaurant’s signature dish – savory salt-grilled fish – is an essential item on the menu for gourmands. 


The uniqueness of the Amis wild vegetable harvest culture is to only gather as much as they need and avoid overcooking. Various varieties of wild vegetables share a common trait, bitterness followed by a sweet aftertaste. The restaurant brings together local women to harvest wild vegetables and promote the spirit of slow food. Besides a la carte menus, patrons can also choose flavorsome light meals prepared according to different seasonal ingredients and indigenous culinary techniques, thereby savoring the delectable flavors of slow food. Chef Lin Feng-Ting not only specializes in Amis wild vegetable dishes but is also a sculptor, allowing visitors to taste delicacies in the dining space that features a fusion of traditional culture and wooden sculptures, thereby appreciating the cultural beauty of the village. 


INFO|Cifadahan Traditional Amis Restaurant
Address: No. 16, Ln. 62, Daquan St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County
Telephone: 03-8704601
Business hours: 11:30-15:00、17:00-19:00(closed on Thursday)



Symphony of indigenous art and flavorsNecklace Studio

“Necklace Studio” is located near Makota’ay in Fengbin. The art installations in the park such as swings and wooden chairs are all fabricated by Eerrao Defeier and her younger brothers. In particular, the crescent-shaped swing facing the Pacific Ocean is a popular IG check-in spot. The name of the region is inspired by an indigenous legend, depicting how the necklace of an Amis warrior is scattered all over the coast so that when light shines down on the coast, it always glistens as if the warrior is still protecting the land today. Eerrao Defeier utilizes the stories to introduce tribal culture to visitors and hopes to strike a balance between tourism and preserving the ecological environment.


While admiring the spectacular view and artwork, guests can savor the appointment only no menu set meals. The red-headed whitebait, caught near Changhong Bridge, where saltwater and freshwater meet, offers a mild ocean flavor that makes it the perfect appetizer. According to legend, marbled turbans, which only come out when the moon is up, offer a refreshing, substantial taste. Yuetao rice, presented in the form of zongzi, comprises ingredients such as pork, shrimps, and sticky rice complemented by the fragrant aroma of shellflower to offer a distinctive flavor. Come to the Necklace Studio to enjoy indigenous slow food and satisfy your soul and taste buds.


INFO|Necklace Studio
Address: No. 53-1, Shitiping, Fengbin Township, Hualien County
Telephone: 0916-547580
Business hours: 10:00-18:30(lunch 11:30–15:30)