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【Fun Hualien NO.42】Heartwarming accommodation》Excellent service quality generates word of mouth Five hotels in north Hualien have received certification

  • PostDate:2022-11-30

As the pandemic situation changes, domestic travel has also demonstrated significant recovery, and Hualien has recorded the highest number of tourists in history. To provide visitors with thoughtful, hospitable service, the county government has launched the “Friendly Accommodation Certification Program,” with ten accommodations in Hualien obtaining international certifications. Particularly, more than half of them are found in north Hualien. In this issue of “Fun Hualien,” we will reveal their award-winning secrets.


Text/Lai Chu Chih-Wei
Picture/Editorial Office




Launching four major certificationsCreating international boutique hotels

Taiwan’s major tourist county – Hualien – has been committed to promoting the image of “Slow and Boutique Hualien,” offering appeals such as long-stay and slow, in-depth tours to let visitors appreciate the magnificence of Hualien as a happy, beautiful city.


To allow travelers to appreciate Hualien’s boutique designs, the county government has vigorously assisted local hotels to obtain international certifications including “ISQM International Service Quality Management,” “FTH Friendly Triathlon Hotel,” “KLS Kindness Long Stay,” and “ISFE International Certification of Senior-Friendly Environment.” The aim is to encourage hotels in Hualien to develop into “boutique” brands by focusing on their respective characteristics, as well as to participate in Tourism Bureau, MOTC’s Hotel star rating evaluation. After 25 certificates were obtained in 2021, 60 hotels participated in the certification program this year, bringing the total number of certificates to 96 and turning Hualien into a popular tourist destination with “the highest number of international certificates for boutique hotels and friendly service in Taiwan.”


Thoughtful butler service caters to your needsStarry Inn

With perfect geographical advantage, the “Starry Inn” is adjacent to the TRA Xincheng Station in Hualien, offering transport convenience. Travelers can hop on a bicycle to casually tour the old streets of Xincheng, visit the beach or take a stroll in the mountains. At night, the peaceful environment and slow-living vibes make the hotel a premier choice for urban travelers. The hotel’s specialty cuisine is prepared in accordance with an ancient indigenous recipe to preserve the freshness and original flavors of the ingredients. This is complemented by steamed Cantonese dishes to provide visitors with the most popular gourmet feast. 


The Starry Inn’s service is inspired by the concept of “coming home” to accommodate diverse needs by being bicycle, hiker, pet, and Muslim-friendly. Furthermore, the thoughtful butler service caters to the needs of different travelers. In 2022, the hotel cooperated with the county government to obtain three major certifications from international certification organizations including “ISQM International Service Quality Management,” “FTH Friendly Triathlon Hotel,” and “KLS Kindness Long Stay,” endowing travelers with peace of mind and providing them with comfortable accommodation quality.


 INFO|Starry Inn
Address: No. 16, Xinxing 7th St., Xincheng Township, Hualien County
Telephone: 03-8610899
Business hours: Open 24 hours



First meatless restaurant in eastern TaiwanAzure Hotel

Located in downtown Hualien, “Azure Hotel” boasts an ideal geographic location surrounded by stores, restaurants, as well as renowned destinations, and popular gourmet delicacies, creating a very convenient environment. The most significant feature of the hotel is the meatless, vegan cuisine. By advocating the concept of choosing one day out of every month or every week as a vegan day, it has become the first vegan hotel in eastern Taiwan.


To provide a more comfortable accommodation environment, the hotel has proactively participated in the county government’s “Outstanding Boutique Hotel Certification Program” to comprehensively review its service quality, environmental cleanliness, and facility safety. Moreover, these aspects are audited by the mystery guest customer service audit system and rigorous on-site environment and document review to earn the hotel “ISQM International Service Quality Management” and “FTH Friendly Triathlon Hotel” certification. At the same time, the hotel has implemented an eco-friendly accommodation policy by not supplying disposable supplies and encouraging travelers to bring their toiletries to minimize waste and contribute to the Earth. 


INFO|Azure Hotel
Address: No. 590, Zhongzheng Rd., Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8336686
Business hours: Open 24 hours



Elegant French hotel in the cityHotel Les Champs (Hualien)

“Hotel Les Champs (Hualien)” is the most refined designer hotel in Hualien’s Golden Triangle Shopping District. The elegant French building is situated in the old train station shopping district of the 1950s. The private lawn is complemented by the imposing train-inspired wall clock and international lighting design, turning the hotel into the hippest destination in downtown Hualien. Thanks to its advantageous geographical location, Dongdamen Night Market is within two minutes’ walking distance from the hotel, offering superb convenience for hotel guests in terms of night tours, gourmet food, and shopping.


Upon entering the lobby, visitors can experience that the hotel treats them with the highest standards through services such as housekeeping and pandemic prevention measures. In addition, the hotel has cooperated with the county government’s “Slow and Boutique Hualien” development objectives by partaking in various training courses and receiving the “ISQM International Service Quality Management,” “FTH Friendly Triathlon Hotel” as well as other certifications and awards. The aim is to provide travelers with the best accommodation experience. 


INFO|Hotel Les Champs
Address: No. 2, Huagang St., Hualien City
Telephone: 03-8323737
Business hours: Open 24 hours



Azure coast on your doorstepsJasmine Studio

Walking out to the alleyway at dawn, you will be greeted by an endless view of the stunning east coast scenery, this is the visitors’ first impression of Jasmine Studio. Back inside the public space, as the early morning sun gently shines through the large windows, travelers can choose a favorite corner, and lean against the comfy, soft throw pillows to enjoy a gourmet breakfast. They can also sit on chairs to relish Hualien’s unique way of life.


After a short afternoon nap, follow Beibin Street to reach the Beibin Section of Pacific Park, home of the famous Beibin Seashore Park. The image of The Carps Jumping over the Dragon Gate art installation at the entrance is combined with 3D painting art to create a playful environment. At night, taking a stroll to Dongdamen Night Market is also very convenient. To let travelers from afar feel the courtesy of Jasmine Studio, it joined the county governments’ training program that lasted over several months and eventually obtained the “ISQM International Service Quality Management” certification. Staying at Jasmine allows guests to soak up the holiday vibes.


 INFO|Jasmine Studio
Address: No. 8, Beibin St., Hualien City
Telephone: 0916-707482
Business hours: Open 24 hours



Fantastic place to have fun, sleep and chatSleeping Inn

Visitors can enjoy the freedom of Hualien coast’s ocean breeze within one-minute walking distance from the inn! “Sleeping Inn’s” owner Ms. Lai purchased the plot of land to pursue her dream 11 years ago, where she supervised the construction progress every day. As the bricks are laid, her dream also gradually takes shape, and she is eager to share her brainchild with travelers. When they enter the little white house of happiness, coming to Hualien feels just like coming home.


Every room of Sleeping Inn boasts a unique design. In particular, the Double Room features an expansive view outside the windows; at night, guests can lie back in the bathtub to admire the glittering stars overhead. The Family Room is equipped with bunk beds, perfect for besties to chat up a storm and enjoy a carefree vacation. Sleeping In has vigorously cooperated with the county government’s friendly hotel certification program to obtain the “ISQM International Service Quality Management” and the “FTH Friendly Triathlon Hotel” certification, making it the B&B choice offering a “high-quality entertainment, accommodation, and chat space.”


INFO|Sleeping Inn
Address: No. 13-1 Ziqiang St., Hualien City
Telephone: 0921-101010
Business hours: Open 24 hours