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Hualien County Orange Day Lily Season

  • PostDate:2022-03-30

1. Introduction: The Orange Day Lily Season has been held since 1998 for 2 months every year at the Chike Mountain and Sixty Stone Mountain Orange Day Lily Park.

2. Time: August–October every year.

3. Venue: Chike Mountain and Sixty Stone Mountain in Yuil Town, Hualien County

4. Details:

Chike Mountain and Sixty Stone Mountain is located atop the coastal mountain range at an elevation of 900m, with August and September being the blooming season of the orange day lilies. Hualien’s Orange Day Lily Season is a natural floral exposition created with indigenous orange day lilies, forming a sea of orange and yellow flowers across the mountain. The stunning sea of flowers is even more spectacular than the Taipei Flora Expo, earning it the laudatory title of Taiwan’s Little Switzerland. Besides appreciating the sea of orange day lilies, visitors can also engage in activities such as nocturnal ecological tours savoring orange day lily delicacies to experience the most rustic, authentic country lifestyle.

Hualien’s fabulous sea of orange day lilies is a world-class travel destination for tourists. The Orange Day Lily Season is not created using potted plants but consists of fields of orange day lilies cultivated in the soil by local farmers, hence it is a seasonal and cyclical event that takes place during the orange day lily production season from July to late September. Visitors from around the world may roam free in the natural landscape depicted by a sea of golden flowers and sun-drying orange day lilies. Now, admiring orange day lilies has become a popular travel itinerary that showcases the charisma of the East Rift Valley.