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Muscovy ducks summer vacation

  • PostDate:2022-03-30

1. Introduction: Every summer vacation (July–August), the adorable Muscovy ducks will keep you company at the Liyu Lake Scenic Area in Shoufeng Township, Hualien County. There are also a variety of theme programs and check-in installations for your enjoyment.

2. Time: July–August every year.

3. Venue: Liyu Lake Scenic Area in Shoufeng Township

4. Details:

Muscovy Duck FUN Summer is a major annual event that has been organized over the years for sake of promoting the local industries and tourism resources. Liyu Lake’s unique natural landscape is used as the backdrop for showcasing the Muscovy duck – Hualien’s tourism mascot. By day, tourists can leisurely take in the serene scenery of Liyu Lake and take photos with the Muscovy duck art installations. By night, they can admire the cultural colors of the indigenous people in Hualien aided by modern technology, where the water stage at Liyu Lake will feature dramatic performances combining dancers and water dance. The visitors can appreciate a wide range of traditional water dances complemented by splendid, vibrant LED lights, laser animation shows, and bespoke 3D projections that embody Hualien’s diverse landscapes and cultural images. The scintillating water dance shows include the Xihu Impressions or the largest water dance performance in Taiwan, which is comparable to The House of Dancing Water in Macau. Moreover, the event serves to cultivate outstanding local performing talents, and international performing troupes in Taiwan are invited to perform on stage. Natural resources are combined with natural landscapes and water from Liyu Lake to create one of a kind water dance performance in Taiwan. By not damaging natural resources during the event, environmental sustainability is ensured while bolstering tourism revenue and economic benefits.