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Hot spring qualities

  • PostDate:2022-03-30

Ruisui Hot Spring

Located in Ruisui Township, Hualien County, Ruisui Hot Spring boasts two types of hot springs, namely “sodium bicarbonate spring” and “carbonate spring.” In particular, the carbonate spring is the only one of its kind in Taiwan, sharing the same reputation as the Arima-Onsen, one of the top 3 hot springs in Japan. With a water temperature of approximately 48°C, the hot spring contains an abundance of minerals such as iron and barium, giving it a murky yellow color and earning it the title of “golden hot spring.” After exposure to air, the iron in the spring water forms a layer of murky yellow crystals called “hot spring flowers.” Legend has it that men who have soaked in this spring will stand a better chance of conceiving boys; according to common belief, this is attributed to the relatively high pH of the spring water (pH of 6–7), hence its moniker of “Spring of Conceiving Boys” and “Hero Hot Spring.”

Antong Hot Spring

Located in Yuli Town of Hualien County, the copious Antong Hot Spring has a temperature of about 66°C, and its outcrop continues for roughly 2–300 meters along the Antong River, hence nearly residents often excavate the ground to enjoy alfresco bathing in the countryside. The colorless, translucent “sulfate chloride hot spring” is weakly alkaline, and it is given the name of “silver hot spring.” The hot spring emanates saltiness and a hint of hydrogen sulfide. After soaking, the skin feels nourished, hence it is also referred to as “Beauty Hot Spring,” offering benefits such as stimulating blood circulation, soothing gastrointestinal discomforts, skin conditions, and gynecologic diseases.