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Hualien in eastern Taiwan

The external transport of Hualien includes the North-Link Line and South-Link Line of the Island Railway Network; SuHua Highway and South Round Highway. As for flights, Hualien Airport is a 30-minute drive away from the city center and is accessible by taxi and bus.

The most recommended way to cruise Hualien is definitely by driving a car, which makes it easy and flexible to stop anywhere anytime. Signs and maps can be spotted on the roads for information.

  • Hualien Airport : +866-3-821-0768
  • TransAsia (FuXin) Airways : +866-3-821-0599
  • Mandarin (HuaXin) Airlines : +866-3-826-3989
  • Train Inquiries : 00886 800-765-888(24h)
County Buses
  • Hualien Bus Company : +866-3-833-8146~8(24h)
  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (Taiwan HaoXing): bus service with routes designed for convenient and economic travel. Taroko Line is available.
  • Discover Hualien on Bikes :
Taiwan Tour Bus
  • Coached by Tourism Bureau, trips planned according to travelers' needs.
  • 24-Hour Toll-Free Travel Information Hotline : 00886 800-011-765-888(24h)
Main Roads
  • Provincial Highway No.8: Taroko Gorges Ecotour. Magnificent steep cliffs and gorges. Be aware of falling rocks and narrow roads. Reservation required for mid & large size buses to enter the Park.
  • Tour Bus Entry Permit Reservation System :
  • Provincial Hwy No.9 : East Rift Valley Rural Tour. The plain is good for cycling and enjoying the scenery. Don't miss the flower sea in spring.
  • Provincial Hwy No.11 : East Coast Tour. Attractions are along the highway by Pacific Ocean and the mountains. Don't forget your sunscreen in the summer!
  • County Road 193 : From XinCheng to Yuli, it is the second most important road crossing along the East Rift Valley. Being the longest County Road, it offers a great variety of beautiful scenery.
  • GuangFeng Highway : Connets GuangFu and FengBin, passing Tafalong Settlement, and enters Coastal Mountain Range along the river. Narrow winding roads offers a unique experience.
  • RuiGang Highway : from Ruisui to Fengbin DaGangKou. It follows Xiuguluan River and passes ChiMei Tribe. Falling rocks occur and some parts are narrow.
  • YuChang Highway : from Yuli to ChangBin, Taitung; Flat road in good condition. With YuChang Tunnel, crossing Coastal Mountain Range only takes 30 min.

Things to Do

Taroko National Park

Enjoy the scenery on the trails and take in the spectacular nature wonders.

Recommendations Trails, Ecology, Hiking, River Trekking

Taroko is a world-famous national park with spectacular gorges and mountains. Famous attractions include ChangChun(Eternal Spring) Shrine, Yanzikou(Swallow Grotto), Jiuqudong(Tunnel of Nine Turns), Baiyang Waterfall, Qingshui Cliff, etc. present the splendid landscape and geological wonders.

Provincial Highway No. 8 2-day Itinerary
Entrance Gate
Taroko Terrace
Shakadang Trail
ChangChun (Eternal Spring) Shrine
Biayang Trail, ShuiLianDong (Water Curtain Cave)
Bilu Sacred Tree
QiXinTan Scenic Area

Star Gazing, Sunrise, Plane Watching, Set Fishnet, Hometown of Mambo Fish

Recommendations Waves, Star Gazing, Sunrise, Fishing

QiXinTan is a gorgeous half-moon shaped bay. Well-planned Star Gazing Square, Stone Sculpture Park and the Bike Path are charming attractions. Unique experiences such as stoney beach, clear waves, star & sunrise gazing, set fishnet fishery, mambo fish and almost face to face with planes are not to be missed.

Hualien Tourist Wine Factory
Four Eight Highland
QiLaiBi Lighthouse
Katsuo Museum
Star Gazing Square
Stone Sculpture Park
DeYan Set Fishnet Fishery
Hualien City

Night Markets, Street Foods, Culture, Slow Pace.

Recommendations Trails, Ecology, Hiking, River Trekking

The variety of ethnicities in Hualien has contributed to the vibrant cultures and of course, the food variations. History, art and architecture merge perfectly: the Old Winery Culture& Creative Industries Park, Old Railway Cultural Business District, and Pine Garden. Long-lasting special delicacy: scallion cake, buns, wantons etc. What's more, Golden Triangle Image Business District, ZiQiang and NanBin Night Market add not only beautiful scenery but also food tasting and shopping to your trip.

Golden Triangle Image Business District
Old Winery Culture& Creative Industries Park
TzuChi Jingsi Meditation Center
Stone Art Avenue
Old Railway Cultural Business District
NanBin Park, BeiBin Park
Pine Garden
Stone Sculpture Museum
Whale-watching Tour from the Dock
East Coast National Scenic Area

Take in the Pacific Ocean and explore the marvelous coast

Recommendations Whale-watching, Surfing, Canoeing, Biking, Seafood, Geology, Ecology, Tribes

East Coast National Scenic Area locates along the coast of Hualien and Taitung. ShiTiPing, SanSianTai (Terrace of the Three Immortals) and XiaoYeLiu are the most famous spots to admire the topography. Coral reef, sea erosion, potholes, wave cut gullies as well as ancient cultural heritages can be spotted here.

Farglory Ocean Park
Yanliao Seafood
HeNan Temple
Shuilian Niushan
Yuedong Recreation Area
ChangHong Bridge
Tropic of Cancer Marker
East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Bikes, Flowers, Delicacies, Aboriginal Culture and Lush Land

Recommendations Rafting, Biking, Paragliding, River Trekking, Hot springs, Fireflies, Birds, Ecology, Leisure Farms, Aboriginal & Hakka Cultures

East Rift Valley, the green tunnel through Hualien and Taitung, sits quietly between Central and Coastal Mountain Range. It's composed of pure graceful landscape, pastoral plains and simple life. Paddy fields, tea plantations, ranches, daylilies, pomelos, watermelons prosper beautifully, winning it the name "Land of milk and honey".

Rural Scenery 2-day Itinerary
Hualien City
Liyu Lake
ChiNan Forest Recreation Area
Hualien Sugar Factory
Fuyuan Butterfly Valley
Ruisui Hotsprings
Xiuguluan River Rafting
Ruisui Ranch
WuHe Terrace (Tea Plantation)
Chike Mt. , Liushidan Mt.
Antong Hotsprings
Yu Shan National Park

Gorgeous Nan'an Waterfall, Walami Trail Stroll.

Recommendations Trail, Ecology, Waterfalls, Aboriginal Culture

Located in ZhouXi Township, Nan'an Visitor Center is the entrance to the east side of Batonguan Trail. Nan'an Waterfall is perfect for picnic and family time. Don't miss the refreshing stroll on Walami Trail (permit required).

Nan'an - Walami TrailItinerary
Entrance of the Trail
ShanFeng Waterfall
Jia Xin
Huang Ma No. 1 Bridge