Arrival & Departure

Arrival & Departure

STEP1: Disease Control
STEP2: Fill in Arrival Card & Customs Declaration
STEP3: Passport Control
STEP4: Baggage Claim
STEP5: Quarantine
STEP6 :Luggage Clearance
STEP1: Check in
STEP2: Passport Control
STEP3: Safety Inspection and Waiting
STEP4: Boarding

For more info Traveler Luggage Clearance

Service Info

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Terminal 1: 886-3-398-2326
Terminal 2: 886-3-398-3369
Service Line: 1922


Currently there is no infectious disease outbreak in Taiwan; for the latest news, go to:
Centers for Disease Control , R.O.C.(Taiwan)


For more details about Immigration and Customs, go to:
Taipei Customs Office

Prohibited and Restricted Items

For more details, go to "Tourist" section on: Prohibited & Restricted Items

ROC(Taiwan) Embassies and Missions Abroad

The ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, Education and Information Office, Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, and Tourism Bureau have offices abroad; all coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office.

For up-to-date precise info, please consult each unit respectively.

ROC(Taiwan) Embassies and Missions Abroad

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan, assisting Taiwan businesses and manufacturers. For more info, go to :
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)