Matai’an Wetland Ecological Park

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Address Daquan St., , Guangfu Township, Hualien County, Taiwan(R.O.C)
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A Glass Room Full Of Green Plants A Glass Room Full Of Green Plants
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The Matai’an Wetland Ecological Park is located at the foot of Masi Mt. in Guangfu Township. It is a natural marsh wetland, and covers an area of nearly one hundred hectares.
The name "Matai’an" evolved from the name "Vataan", which means "pigeon peas" in the Amis language. Amis people carried pigeon peas with them and planted them wherever they went, because they believed it brings good fortune. Therefore, like the name suggests, "Vataan" is a place full of pigeon peas.
Walkalong the wooden plank road and enjoy the stunning scenery. Mountains and hills at a distance, with the water running through your feet make not only a picturesque scene but also diverse ecology. There are hundreds of species of aquatic plants that reside on the park, among which the Taiwan Brandy Bottle (water lily with little yellow blossoms) is the most precious. An impressive amount of birds, frogs, fish, and shellfish alsocoexist here.
In recent years, Matai’an has been famous for its lotus fields. Midsummer, when the lotus starts to bloom, is the best time for a close look at the beauty of the lotus.

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