The characteristics of Taroko are the Liwu River Gorge and cliffs.

The majestic momentum of straight and high marble precipices offers a thrilling view. It is hard to even imagine how hard the construction of the Central Cross-Island Hwy was.

After taking photos at the entrance of Taroko, go to the Visitor Center for some travel info, and then visit Eternal Spring (Changchun) Shrine for comemorating the martyrs who lost their lives while constructing the Highway.

Scenery in Buluowan is gorgeous. It is recommended to watch the intriguing film in the Circle Theater.

Wear a safety helmet while stroll the famous Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) and Tunnel of Nine Turns (JiuquDong), and enjoy the wonder of the marble precipices.

Tianxiang is an important rest stop on Central Cross-Island Hwy, where you can have a meal, take a rest, or stay overnight and continue the journey to the Bilu Divine Tree and Da'yuling the next day.

Recommended activities Scenery Viewing, Ecology, Trails, Hiking, River Tracing, Geology & Geography

Itineraries Recommendations
A. Xincheng Train Station
B. Taroko entrance : Sightseeing and Picture Moments
C. Taroko National Park Headquarters : Guided Tours
D. Shakadang Trail : Scenic Trails
E. Buluowan : Guided Tours, Scenic Trails
F. Yanzikou : Geology, Scenery Viewing
G. Tunnel of Nine Turns : Geology, Scenery Viewing
H. Tianxiang : Dinning, Scenery Viewing
Finish here or continue on to Da'yuling